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Low Beams Too High?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by henno, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. are lights on bikes made that little bit extra powerful??? :?: I love riding at night but everytime i do i get flashed by not a few but heaps of people!!! :evil: my lights seem very bright. im learning now to hit the pass switch everytime they do and it seriously blinds them lol :LOL: . i figure that u need better lights so u can see that roo b4 u hit the roo :) does anyone else have people flashing you for having(supposedly) your high beams on?

  2. Yep the SP1 headlights were very high.
    I got pulled up by an inspector asking why I was tanning the back of his neck.

    "Sorry mate, I just bought it 2 weeks ago, I'll get them to adjust them at the next service"

    of course I never did ;)

    They are easy to adjust, pull up to a wall and turn the adjuster screws
  3. always... :wink:
  4. are you stupid on purpose????

    or is all of your stupidity accidental?
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  6. I have my main headlight deliperately aimed high, in fact, I aimed it so that it would shine right at people's rear view mirrors from behind and through their windscreen fron ahead.
    It works really well during the day, and at night too.
    Gives me the edge I need in being noticed.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. please leave us nippled people alone :grin:
  8. Man is every one so Serious in here take a chill pill
  9. We would be calm if you didn't post so much shit.

    Your last attempt at a topic was;

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    Whilst I agree with you, that is just shit that belongs elsewhere
  10. well its just a post if you cant handle it Read something else.... dont you got anything else to pick on then lil girls....shame :LOL:
  11. I dont see you CAN"T post shit..... in this forum :LOL:

  12. err, I'll be the one barking orders thanks.

    It's my job to keep an eye on all posts.
    More so when I get complaints about a certain poster
  13. You don't make sense.

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  14. I wonder if you would feel so OK with that after causing an accident...

    I agree, high beam will get you noticed. But I also find that it messes with my ability to see at night. people who do it intentionally are a pain in the arse and selfish.
  15. I find high beams during the rather annoying actually.

    But yeah, there is a possibility of causing a crash if you startle other drivers.
  16. thank god it wasnt just me that noticed ms_tear's "unique" posting style :rofl:

    anyway, my high beams suck, i have the opposite problem!
  17. get some halogen bulbs, super white light. works great, about 10-15 bucks each
  18. Well, you mustn't ride much at night, else you'd have noticed the vast array of cars with misadjusted headlamps. If a bright light causes you to have an accident, you'd best NEVER ride on back roads or in thr country. In fact, if any sort of bright light causes you to crash, well, you probably shouldn't have been given a licence.
    What's one bike going to do?
    I think you're a pain in the ass, as you never contribute anything useful, therefore, you must be selfish too.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Hahahahaha.

    Too funny. Lame and funny.

    I have noticed a lot of cars with "out of wack" lights, and it annoys me too.
    If drivers of those cars were on a forum or in any environment where I could tell them that there lights being they way they are is a hazard, I would.

    If you seriously think that "because some car has bad lights, it must be OK for me to do it too" you are an idiot.

    As for taking my hypothetical and trying to apply it in an absolute sense - you should try and stick to what was said.
    High beam is more about the direction of the light rather than the brightness. But of course you already know that hey? Which is why you think that bright light causes accidents?

    All it takes is 1 bike, 1 light on a car to be shined directly in a rider/driver's eye to render someones night vision poor enough to not see an indicator, or brake light.

    Anyway, I guess you wont go changing because of what I think. So be it.
    But to anyone else out there. Please think of your impact on other motorists before riding around with lights on full. There is a switch to dip them for a reason. - alerting others to a speed camera is only 1 of them ;)

    Oh and if you really think I am a pain in the arse simply because I disagree with you then maybe you shouldn't bend over so far.
  20. I'm may be slow, but how does dazzling someone by aiming your headlights at their eyes give you an edge?
    In my book, it only pisses people off and you've got a greater chance of being run off the road because the poor bastards can't see where they're going. :shock:
    Bogus is spot on. "High beam is more about the direction of the light rather than the brightness."
    Your not just pissing drivers off, your also gonna piss other riders off too.