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Low beam postition.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bigjula, May 30, 2008.

  1. I just bought a GS500E and the low beam at night seems to just light a patch about 2m diameter, 4m in front of the bike. I was thinking that at any speed over 20klms anything I see in the patch will be to late to avoid. High beam seems OK on open roads. I have read up on how to lift the beam but how far ahead should it illuminate? Will it raise the high beam as well?

  2. single headlight bikes often do this. just tilt the headlight up a bit.
  3. In the same boat as you mate - i'm considering lifting mine too. I'd say it would lift the high beam as well, feels really unsafe riding on roads without streetlights without high beams!
  4. The GS must be fitted with the Bandit headlight :grin:
    Easy adjustment. Do it and stop worrying about it.
  5. I had the same trouble, could hardly see anything at night.
    Easily fixed: replace the bulb with a 50 plus bulb from Repco - 50% brighter than a regular H4 the adjust the headlight up a bit, you can do this whilst aiming it at a wall at night but I just did a rough guess.
    Result: fantastic improvement, can now see as well as I can in my Subaru Outback, maybe better.
  6. Wooo... Can i do that with Peaches too? Her headlights are pretty crap...
  7. Can't see why not, I think the bulb is a Nando 50+ H4
  8. I like to keep teh headlight beam in fromt of teh bike as much as possible.

    But seriously, single headlights are a compromise. Aim it for city riding, but check your highbeam aim as well, as one adjustment affects both.
    I got sick of messing around with trying to get a compromise setting, so I fitted a 100/90w bulb, meaning my low beam is brighter than most high beams, and I just aim teh low beam right down the road, forgetting about teh high beam.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. I used to fit 100/90w globes to any car I owned. I went to do it to the Liberty and the dude at the shop said these lenses are plastic and can't handle the heat like the other cars could (they had glass units). They could melt or discolour.

    That made me a bit nervous about doing it to the bike...though I haven;t investigated too hard to see if they are a glass or plastic unit as they have a plastic film over the top to protect them so it's a bit difficult.

    Anyone know about this issue for bikes?
  10. Let me tell you about spare parts salespeople. The two requirements you need are teh desire to sell shit to anyone that walks in teh door, and teh willingness to do that for $500 a week. A secondary attribute is a desire to fight constantly with 20 year old DOS based software any time you go near a computer in a vain attempt to help a customer get a part that vaguely looks like what they brought in. Automotive knowledge is not high on teh list.
    I have run 100/90's in many plastic bodied/lensed headlights. I would go ahead and buy one and try it out. Check it a few times, any heat issues wil be apparent (if any).
    You shouldn't melt the wiring plug either, and if you do, you probably had high resistance there (corrosion).

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. I was gunna say well he actually talked himself out of a sale...but then I remembered that he sold me the (slightly) more expenses blue-tinty ones as a suggestion for a clearer beam...@!#%@!#%...but I understand people will say anything to make a sale in some circumstances, you don't have to explain that :LOL: :LOL: but on balance I thought he might have a point.
  12. I run the same on the hornet, Yep so much better than the stock item. I have to admit I, too, am a little reluctant in using 100/90s. But after reading typhoon's post perhaps I should give em a go.
  13. Cool. One other question, sorry if it getting away from the OP. My bike doesn't have a starter motor, so I wonder if it's electrical system may not be as robust. If I run two 100/90s do you think I'd have issues?

    The only info I found was that the alternator produces 188W at 5000rpm. Do I just do the maths - 2x 90w just okay but 2x 100w will start having issues...
  14. I have the same problem as the op. My lights are only about 4m ahead of the bike but my high beam works well... I didnt want to adjust it from the fear of seeing 4m of the road to seeing nothing.. How did people on here go about it? Did you guys just adjust them to go higher??
  15. Thanks for all the responses. Looks like a new globe and a bit of adjustment for a Sat arvo tinker.
  16. Another question, if you'd like to adjust the globes would it be better to take it to a mechanic or should it be DIY?

  17. If you can't adjust a headlight yourself then you shouldn't be riding a bike.
  18. Sigh. Here we go again.

    Nevermind I'll google it. Thanks anyway.

  19. Look in your owner's manual, it should be in there.