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Low beam not work

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by 187_cbr, May 5, 2007.

  1. hi guys

    ive come to some troblem today and just need abit of advice , well my low beam on my cbr250 seems not to work but the high beam does and i have checked the globe and its looks fine to me and i just wanna get some input if any of u have had this problem

    thanx JJ

  2. If the bulb appears to be ok, then you need to search upstream of that, and that means the wiring, and THAT may well best be left to an auto electrician, in my experience....
  3. dude,
    what type of bulb? is it a dual-filament (with high & low beam in the one bulb) or is it a bulb on its own?
    sometimes, the filament can be broken by such a small margin that you cant see it, or there is no continuity between the contacts at the bottom of the globe and the internal leads feeding the filament. a globe is not expensive, i would get a new one, and try that. if it works it is much cheaper than getting the auto-electrician to do it for you. if that doesnt work, your loss is minimal, and i can guide you through some simple auto-electric troubleshooting if you like :grin:

    edit- or, we can construct a simple test-light to check it
  4. jole, I THINK the CBR has two actual headlamps, one low beam and one highbeam??? I'm guessing the high beam light is working but the low beam one isn't (?).
  5. its a dual-filament one joelridescbr and im sure everythings fine but i'll just get an new globe and try that atleast

    but i'm sure that isnt the problem and its a wireing thing cause i brought it to the local mechanic in my area(liverpool) casue i had to change my front tyres and they took a look at it for me and said it looked fine but i;ll still put in a new one in for myself to see

    And that light testing thing u mention , whats the go in that ?
  6. If the high beam is working and not the ow, the globe is blown.

    You can't see that it is blown, the babyblade has H4 globes, almost impossible to tell they are blown.

    $10 from any servo, replace and all will be good
  7. [​IMG]

    gotta love MSPAINT :rofl:
  8. thanx guys

    will give it a shout guys and give u the results tomorrow

    thanx again time to go out now :)
  9. Daughter #1 had same problem with her babyblade - not bulb, not fuse.

    Pick the most expensive part of the circuit

    Yep, the switch.
  10. buy another & replace, fcuk rewiring ;)
  11. I'd buy a bulb first, just to check that there isnt something wrong with it that you cant see.

    If not, borrow one out of your car (or your mums) and see if that fixes the problem.

    Remember DO NOT touch the globe on any halogen - only the metal base. If you do touch the globe you need metho to clean it.

    After that there is a separate power wire to the low beam from the switch, so the problem could be that area.
  12. hey guys sorry for a late update
    well ive tryed an new globe and still no go there and look at the fuse and all fine there and ive tested the plug that connects to the globe and out of the 3 inserts only 1 lights up so im guessing its a power issues coming from the switch so ive have booked my bike to be looked at this friday

    hope its aint too expensive
  13. ouch dude...cant do it yourself or get a friend to have a look?