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Low beam light not working on ZX2R -know any good auto elec?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dru, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I had my biked parked at Parra tonight as I was watching a movie. Apparently somebody reversed into the side of my bike. No visible damage, but the lady left her number anyway (thank god for responsible people!). Looks like it could be just really really slight fairing damage which I probably wouldn't even bother fixing since it was on the side that already had some scratches on it.

    Now, I don't think this is in any way related to the above, but when I turned my bike on, the low beam wasn't turned on. The rear lights also weren't on. I believe my bike's low beam lights have been hard wired to turn on when the key is in the start position, because when I used to play with the light switch, it never did anything.

    Ok, so I flicked the high beams on and the high beams as well as the back light turned on, which is expected. Turn signals work fine and the brake light switches for the front and back brakes are working as well.

    Does anybody know what the issue might be? Could it have been the heat today (I must admit it was damn hot today)? I checked the fuses and they all seem fine. I had to ride home tonight EXTRA careful with no headlights, but luckily I didn't have to go down any streets without streetlights.


  2. Hey all,

    I got my bike back from the repairers (they specialise in fairing work) today thinking that they would be able to fix the problem with the low-beams, but they said they couldn't find a fault themselves. They had a look at the fuses, the wiring, the globes and checked the connections in the switch box.

    There are 2 problems:
    low beam doesn't work
    the switch for high beam doesn't work

    Only the Pass switch works, so I'm thinking about taping it down with electric tape or gaffa tape so I can at least ride at night (i'll probably get flashed by everybody on the road).

    Looks like I might need a good auto-electrician who knows about bikes. Does anybody know a good electrician near Strathfield or at least in Sydney?

    Or... a long shot.... does anybody know what the issue could be?
  3. check the earth to the lights and im not sure, but do the hi and low beams have their own fuse? if so just go over it again
  4. Take it to auto electrician since the woman who hit your bike is paying for it.
  5. +0.5

    she break, she pay.
    However, IMHO, she was nice enough to leave her number (how many stories on here of that not happening), so maybe just have a quick scout over it and see if you can find it, might be something simple like a loose plug (hit on the side, handlebars hit?). If not, find an auto-lecy...

    good luck...
  6. Thanks for the responses.. which brings me to one of my questions

    "Does anybody know a good electrician near Strathfield or at least in Sydney?"
  7. Hey dru, I'm an auto elec based on the Norther Beaches, more than happy to take a look at it at some stage if you're interested. (Free of charge if I tell you what's wrong and you just replace it yourself).
  8. Hi Veriton, thanks for the offer but I managed to get it sorted out.... finally.

    For those that are searching for the answer in the future... there was a problem with the wiring to the switch box, hence the low and high beam switch wasn't working at all.

    Also, they solved a starting problem for my ZX2R as well. It kept clicking but wouldn't turn over until about 4-5 clicks (sometimes more). Issue was the starter solenoid was stuffed up. 1 new solenoid later and she starts first time everytime now too.
  9. Dru, who/where did you end up going to?
  10. Just a local bike shop here at Strathfield/Homebush as I could walk home after dropping it off :) PM me if you want the details.