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Low beam issues cbr250rr

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Bugjuice88, May 22, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    The low beam on my bike aren't working. One afternoon I was riding down the freeway on my home from work, it was getting pretty late in the day and I noticed how shocking my low beam was, I thought, when I get home Ill have a look at them and maybe adjust the angle which might help a bit. Then I realised that low beam was not working at all. High beam does work though.

    Its an aussie import model so it doesn't have a switch to turn them off, only from low to high beam. Both bulbs are out and they run parallel so I know its not bulbs, I pulled them out and had a look and they looked fine anyway. Its not fuses I have checked and swapped fuses and that doesn't do anything.

    A while ago I had a problem in the switch block where the switch was damaged and shorted out and the plastic that held the contacts melted, thats all fixed and pulling the switch block apart again shows no further signs of shorting out. Although afterwards (now) I have figured out that the bulbs are not original, the original were 60/35w and they have been replaced with 60/55w. Which i realise now may have been the reason that the switchblock shorted out.

    I have been told that it might be a relay, and pulling the relay off and testing I am not really convinced that that is what it is. At $60 for a relay I want to be pretty sure thats what it is. I went to Jaycar to see if they would have anything but they had nothing with the same "footprint".

    I have rang a bike shop and they said they were so busy they wouldnt have anyone to have a look at it for another month. And no it wasn't trevor jordan, they were gonna charge me $88 an hour to find out the things I already knew.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem, not necessarily on the same bike? or does anyone have any ideas of what to look for next?

  2. get yourself a multimeter, take out the globes, and check the terminals. Check your earth first for continuity, then try working your way along the connectors until you get some kind of voltage.

    If nothing works, and you need a last resort, find every electrical connection you can (that is connected to the low beam), pull it apart, give it a good clean, and put it back together. You'd be suprised how many problems I've solved by doing this.
  3. Ok I got a multimeter and checked the bulbs and got to that relay. I pulled the relay out and jammed the plugs of the multimeter into terminals of the connectors, when it was on low beam 12v was coming through one set of connecters flick it to high beam and 12v through the other connectors. And with the relay in I got nothing for low beam. So basically that means the relay is the problem is that right?
  4. if i remember correctly 55W are for cars and 35W is for bikes. could be drawing too much current? i forgets my electric stuff. go get correct globes first
  5. Ok problem solved.

    On the bottom of the highbeam/lowbeam switch inside the switchblock is 3 wires, one of which had one a dodgey contact. 3 hours of figuring out the problem and 3 mins of soldering later its all going again. :wink: