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loving the new arai chaser/vector helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Filo01, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. http://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/198/17204

    i've been looking around for awhile for a really nice helmet, to replace my crappy kbc vr2, the arai fits really nicely on my head & the price isn't to bad. 520$aud(ruffly), no idea for shipping, might get a mate that lives in uk to buy it & mail it over cheap.

    what does everyone think?

  2. ADR man. is it gonna have the sticker?
  3. sticker?
  4. I've been pulled over many times for various reasons, but never had anyone inspect my hat for a sticker? As long as it is a good quality helmet, I would not be too worried!
  5. To legally wear a helmet on the road in Australia it has to have the shiny silver ADR sticker on it, otherwise you'll get fined.
  6. As long as everything goes well I wouldn't be too worried either, but once a cop stops you and really wants to hang shit on you, why give them any more ammunition? The same goes for your insurance company - should you get in an accident that caused any head injury, once they find out your helmet didn't carry the sticker you can be sure they'll use it to weasel their way out of paying up.

    And all of this to save a hundred bucks, or even two? Not worth it, in my opinion.
  7. meh i'll take my chances, really i've never seen one cop even begin to look at my helmet for signs of a sticker, but i'm pretty sure uk will have doa stickers.
  8. See, I knew this guy who suffered brain injury as the result of his motorcycle accident. It didn't turn him into a vegetable, exactly, but it f**ed up his life good and proper. But at least he got a payout from his insurance and it allowed him to live in relative comfort because he certainly could never work again.

    If this happened to me, I'd hate to think my cheapness robbed me of several hundred thousand dollars just when I needed them most...

    But hey, your head, your life, make your own decisions.
  9. dude who the fck thinks like that? do you stay up at night thinking about how your gona end up being brain dmged? the helmet is a real arai helmet & if i ever got into an accident like that you would be thinking the helmet would be unrecognizable.
  10. I don't think it's about being morbid or anything, I think he is just giving you some advice. The only thing you are legally required to wear whilst riding a motorbike in AUS is a helmet with that sticker on it. Should you have a ding where you sustain any sort of head damage that requires treatment then you will want your insurance.

    Insurance companies will do every single thing that they can to get out of paying you.

    Why risk it, when it's the only thing you are required to get right?

    It's good advice, but each to their own.
  11. Thank you, that's exactly right. It's not that I'm morbid, it's just that once I am spending money on a piece of equipment, I want it to perform its function. What is the function of the helmet? Protection. The shell to protect your head from impact, and the sticker to protect you from the vultures. :)
  12. Valid point I guess. I've changed my previous thoughts on the matter - get an Aussie Approved helmet. Riding a motorbike is a risky sport, may as well make sure you cover as many bases as you can!
  13. also wouldnt be expecting to any track days or 1/4 mile runs either buddy without that sticker!

    DONT be an idiot for the sack of looking "cool" get an ADR approved lid as simple as that.

    and as stated insurance companies love denying pay outs!
  14. Hey mate .. try these guys in sydney http://www.zpower.com.au/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/1379_1407_1401_1402/products_id/2708
    The vector ( plain colours ) are only $539 .. and YEP you get a sticker! :p
  15. its all up to you :)

    But if you want advise, then i'll tell you dont bother its illegal and unsensible.

    By the way you approach things make me think if you even have insurance :LOL:
  16. Hey Filo ..
    Bikemart is selling the Arai Vector ( plain colours ) for $512.00 :shock:
    That includes our NETRIDER discount :p
    .. been chasing around for the best price
    Good Luck !
  17. Go email the importers directly (http://www.cassons.com.au/), and they will help you with what is available in Aus (with sticker) and any other info you need.
  18. Woah... let's not all get worked up over this.

    It's his head, his risk.

    Like, whatever if he wants to risk a fine... *shrug*
    As long as he's not bitching about it coz that when they'll deserve a bitchslap.

    "I tried to get away with it but I couldn't, and it's not my fault."

    Bleh. :p
  19. I've got this helmet... Something you need to know, they're very noisy (wind) due to the side visor cap thingys. Comfortable, but noisy.
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    I'd suggest you have a look at this video: