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Loving riding :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sammyselfish, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    I am brand new to motorbikes and my first bike is a 2006 Honda Vtr250!! Bought it in Adelaide and rode back to Tasmania where i live... it was the craziest thing i have ever done in my life :) Not all smooth sailing though i was hit by a car 10 minutes after purchasing my motorbike :( in Adelaide and had $2,400 damage to the bike which was annoying!!

    But all good now and i am enjoying my bike i love it :)
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  2. unlucky to hear about the crash! hope you and the bike are okay.
    Not the best welcome to riding huh, but hope it's all smooth sailing from here :)
  3. damn that is so unlucky......good that no serious long lasting injury was suffered.
  4. Its great that you are back riding again, and didn't get put off by the car hitting you. Hope there were no injuries. Happy riding, and welcome to NR, nice to see another lady rider on board.
  5. An unfortunate start Sammy but good to hear it hasn't dented your enthusiasm. You definitely have hootspa to contemplate a three state ride as a beginner but that trip probably taught you a lot. :)

  6. So I see you're female...
  7. No permanent injury for me or the bike infact the bike is better than ever :) and yes i am a female!
  8. Welcome aboard. You have some amazing roads to play on in your lovely part of the world! Enjoy.
  9. Welcome. VTR250 is a pretty popular bike and a good starting point. Glad you're ok and haven't been put off after the accident. :)
  10. Wow 10 minutes. Am I assuming it was still ride to ride to Tasmania though?
  11. @ OP....

    Sounds like you've done more riding then a hell of a lot of poser here already...
    Welcome aboard

    EDIT - great choice of learner bike
  12. Better luck 2nd time round then mate.