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Loving riding a 600cc bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shelley rally, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. Well I have had my first big bike now for just over a month (I'm an ex CB250 rider), and just wanted to share with you all how much I am loving riding it! I am surprised to find how much easier it is to ride than my old CB250, especially for cornering. Is this normal??!! I thought it was going to be harder to ride a big bike. So now I am even more in love with motorcycles than I was before! Can't wait for the MotoGP now, and when I am not working every Thursday and Sunday afternoon so I can finally join you guys for the Thursday night mystery ride and Sunday up to the Black Spur (although I am hoping someone will ride with me the first time I come up to the Black Spur as I haven't been up there before and a clairvoyant I met the other week said I was going to get lost riding up to the Black Spur :shock: ). Well you can't half tell that I'm bored, which is why I decided to share this information with you all :grin:

  2. Riding a larger bike with a better frame, better suspension, better balanced components, better tyres, better brakes, and so on, is exactly the fuel behind the argument for why learning on larger bikes might be a good idea.

    Most 250's are built with budget parts, while most 600's are built with components that are of significantly higher quality than what you find on 250's. It only stands to reason that the 600 will be a better/easier bike to ride.

    Of course, if we stuck a 250cc engine in the 600cc bike's shell, that'd be just nice too. It's not the engine of the 250cc bikes that's the "problem", it's everything else.
  3. Difference in riding position will make a huge difference. I know the fz6s isn't what you would call sporty, but moreso than a cb yeah?

    I found riding a cbr fast is ALOT easier than riding a zzr fast, everythings alot more natural with the sporty position.
  4. We must have upgraded about the same time Shelley; me from a zzr250 to the sv650s. I totally agree with the fun factor (WAHAAAAY!!!) , but it's taken a while for me to feel as comfy in the twisties as I did on the zzr. I guess that's just more experience though, and with each passing corner I'm feeling better and better on the sv.

    Gotta do a track day now!
  5. :LOL: I'd be interested if your clairvoyant has ever BEEN to the Black Spur, but how you'd get lost on a road that has no turn-offs, I'm not sure :LOL:

    Anyway, weclome to the bottom end of real fun riding; I've had a 600 for more than two years now and apart from on a couple of long straights way out in the bush, I don't think I've ever envisaged wanting more.....
  6. How good is a 600 hey! I just did it about 2 months ago, so much power on tap! Coming from a GS500, it was still a massive increase!

    On a side note, I can't imagine why it would be good for a learner to jump on the bike I have right now. Yes it may have better brakes and handling but the power to weight ratio is insane. No room for error!
  7. Yes the difference between a 250 and a 600 is enormous. Good to hear you are loving your new toy and makng the most of it.. :grin:
  8. Coming of a GPX 250 to a zzr 600 has been a massive improvement as well

    i been riding the beast for about 7 months now and im starting to get abit bored tho.... although i cant do twisties yet koz its not red (long story) but im starting to want the need for more power.... if i keep upgrading to a higher capacity bike every year i might end up riding a turbo busa in a few years LOL :twisted: :twisted:
  9. :LOL: :LOL: And the difference between a 600 and a 1400 of the same magnitude would you say???
  10. :cry: Only 217 days to go....... AAARRRRGHHH!!!!
  11. Hey Guys, reading this has really made me want to upgrade, I just got off my P's a week ago and was quite happy on my GS500 but after reading GS5hundy's post its got me thinking.

    Sorry for going a little off topic but is there also going to be a massive difference between say my GS500 and something like the FZ6N, which is what I was thinking of upgrading to?
  12. Perhaps she meant spiritually/emotionally/mentally lost? A nice road with a nice bike can do that to a guy... so I heard.
  13. Your right its funny that you wonder why it took you so long to make the change! I am only 3 weeks into a 600 upgrade from a 250 and am loving it!

    I still have my old bike and took it for a spin today as i suspect my r6 has a reg/rec problem and i could not believe the difference in power...

    how quickly you forget eh?!
  14. i used to own a gpx250 and i thought it was the ducks nuts!!!! i used to tell everyone it was sooo cool, the power cornering ect ect. i felt like i was flogging the crap out of it, and was wondering when it was going to die, so i went ahead and bought a 1000cc, wow :shock: it feels like going from a Nissan pulsar to a Mercedes Benz.
    i feel much safer on the fz1 as the handling is much smoother,with the power to overtake easily.

    congratulations on the new bike and best of luck with it!!! :wink:
  15. I have had a bit of a reverse experience. Have both a 600 and 1000 now been doing up a cbr250.
    The 600 is definately easiest to flick about at good speed and has great performance. Can't compare new technology and alloys to something ten years old, but have been having a hoot on my pimped out cibber.

    As far as city ridding, R1 6/10 (like driving an automatic :LOL: ) cbr600rr 07 8/10, nice but heaps of tight gear changes. cibber 250, rev the sh*t out of it and take off in third! :p
    9/10. (got extra as it does not slide on wet roads!) R1 back brakes love to fish tail with the slightest touch!

    For twisties R1 7/10 600 10/10. 250 7/10
    Track, R1 10/10, 600 10/10. 250 4/10 (feels like your sweeping the track after a madi gras :LOL: )
  16. Just ask me! :p

  17. If riding on the street, a 600 is a LOT faster than a 250 compared to a 1400 to a 600. :>
  18. Coming from a zzr250, i love my k5 gsxr600 i wouldnt go back.
  19. riding a 250 / bike with crap brakes / suspension is a good thing if you ask me. Makes you work harder and really learn how to handle the bike. also means when you do jump on a supersport, you *really* appreciate how good the brakes / suspension are.

  20. Congrats on your bike. Stay safe and have fun!