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loving my riding :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BalmyBrowny, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. g'day all.. jsut wanted to share my riding experience so far... been riding 6 months now .... just renewed rego he he so was easy to tell when...
    first few months were full of the 'new' riding... stiff arms, nervous looks all around looking for that killer car.... 20k/h around corners and the usual nerves that comes with it... next couple were spent testing myself... trying to look through corners... finding the right gears and revs... slow riding practice and car park work...although not as much as i would of liked... but was fun all the same :D
    Over last couple of weeks i can feel my riding changing.... just found a really comfortable and confident feeling posture/position in the seat... am 6'1 with pretty ong legs so been playing around with it... have just started being able to look through the tighter corners and not at my line... which i know was causing me to run wide... just couldn't get confidence and trust in the bike until now... finding it alot easier to read corners as coming to them instead of halfway through them :p has caused a couple of hairy moments early on :shock: :roll: :grin:

    So yeah.. just feeling a bit more confident and comfortable after my first 6 months... even with a couple of close calls with a cage or 2.... 1 my fault for not paying attention to road... wont do that again :oops:

    Cant wait to see what next 6 months hold for my 1 year of riding :D
  2. I've been riding a bit less than you ...sounds familiar... I'm loving it too!
  3. nice one pinkxie.... well hope i you continue to learn and grow as a rider too :) its awesome isn't it... where abouts are you in your riding??? still the nervous bit or working out of it???
  4. I had actually got to feeling quite competent - not master of anything, but I could do what I wanted (easy stuff) with good control.

    Then I had my bingle, had 7 weeks off, got another bike... and things just aren't the same.

    I'm starting to settle into my bike more. I'm hoping it's just that, but I think I'm also still a little rattled. Went backwards with some skills (such as U-turns & tight right turns) but I know my awareness is better. I'm also finding that the more I learn the crappier I feel I ride. Possibly my standards rose, so I don't know where I am on the scale!
  5. set achievable goals even if they are simple and when you nail them, your confidence will skyrocket guys!

    good to hear where you are all up too, and dont worry, the learning really never stops :grin:
  6. oh bugger.. thats poo.. sorry to hear about your bingle... good to hear that you are up and goin again though :) i think you have to attune yourself to your bike and learn its littel 'things' about it... and find your feel to it... mind you i'm no expert.... you might find that you know how well you were doing.. and you think you still are there but had a few weeks off and changed bike at same time.. so you have to get the confidence back up with riding... remember you are still new too... so it wont come back quite so quick cause we never really had that much in the first place ;) so just take it easy and keep practicing like you are i reckon... practice makes perfect and all that :D
  7. BB: Good to hear your positives of riding... I know that comfortable feeling/posture you're talking about... I think I had it for a bit the other day... then maybe lost it when I didn't ride for a day or two...

    Pinkxie: Sounds like me... had an off a month and a half into it, lost a lot of confidence... but thanks to a netrider, all the way from nsw no less... who gave me a few pointers, and steer me back on the right line... so to speak. My confidence is back up there although still finding it hard to do U turns and tight right-handers.
  8. Thanks, Joel. It's so good to get support like this. Friends and relatives who basically say I'm an idiot for riding don't help. If you're not going to support me, keep your mouth shut. And that whole "temporary Australian" thing ...@#$% off!

    Well, I'm out there every day and actively seek out routes that I know tackle my weaknesses. I do at least 1 U-turn each day for work and always go through THE intersection. So my weaknesses and fears will be conquered. They can't beat me!

    Of course, to see me on the road (most of the time) you wouldn't think I had any confidence issues ;) What traffic?!
  9. thanks joel.. a good mate who actually go tme into riding gave me god advice after i got my liscence... try to learn something new when you ride... even if its finding that perfect line on a corner you ride to and from work or smooth change from 2nd to 3rd but always try to learn 1 thing.... been trying that ever since :) is same as your set achievable goals.... glad to know that its good advice :) and i certainly hope that the learning never stops :D

    im on it.... that feeling you ahd for a while will come back i assure you ;) i found that i had days where i felt so natural on the bike and others where i couldn't find a good feel all the way to work... but now its coming almost everyday where i've got that comfortable/confident feeling.. so have faith that yours will too :D
  11. i'm very lucky like that pete and pinkxie..... my mum and my gf dont like the fact the i'm now a rider ... but they dont say stuf to me either... they know i like it and that i'm being careful and saving for a course so i'm doin the right things to be safe.... mum will always be amum.. she will always worry bout her kids... as i know i will when my son starts riding.... he's only 2 but loves the bike already :D
  12. Oh Pete, you've been deluding yourself. Car drivers are actually immortal, and they certainly never have crashes. Der...

    [looking at Pete's details] I rode a VTR250 for a day... felt like Bart Simpson with a hair dryer in his mouth when I went down the freeway!
  13. +1

    been riding for almost 3 years every day and am still learning/improving my techniques.

    just keep at it Pinkxie, you will get your Mojo back.
  14. pinxie & balmybrowny,

    thankyou for the kind words!
    once in a blue moon i might say something sensible and/or helpful :LOL:

    just keep having fun :grin: