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Loving life as a learner!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Koopi, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I'm glad to find this awesome forum for riders out there! Ive been a cager since 17, and wanted to experience more. I've been a learner for three months now, started on an ancient Suzuki GN250 and just didn't get any joy, but lots of frustrations and engine problems.

    I persisted andI got a 2007 VTR250 last week and now I understand why people love riding so much. Me and Musashi Miyamoto (my bike's name) are ripping it up!

    This could be the start of something beautiful.
  2. G'day there I'm new too but I must say nice choice on the VTR250 I love mine!! although it has some problems that we are working though but hey I find its all part of the fun right...
  3. Welcome to the forums, enjoy the zoo, and don't take anything too seriously, though there is a lot of great information on the site
  4. VTR is one of the best leaner bikes; comfortable, torquey, can handle and makes a decent noise for a 250!

    So welcome! You should post up your State, and keep an eye on your local forums for group rides: they are a great way to meet new people and learn. We have a great community :)
  5. Hello and welcome, it's great fun isn't it.
  6. ..what?.....
  7. Riding
  8. Are you hot?
  9. Lugo you son of a biatch

    Welcome Koopi, hope you enjoy your stay. Though I must say calling a mere 250 'Musashi' is something of an insult to the man haha. If you don't mind my asking, how old are you? Pick a bracket if you like :D
  10. Hi VTR noob! I can see you've got yourself a yellow beauty. That's great! I really wanted a yellow one too but this blue one came up at the right time, too good to miss. Sorry to hear you're having probs, but its also good to be confident in the garage and not afraid to get greasy. Have fun.
  11. Why did you name your bike after Miso paste ?? And why so happy? can I have some?
  12. I was so excited to finally get that line out before anyone else I forgot my manners.

    Welcome to the club!! May you have many many miles of trouble free travelling and love every minute of it :)
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  13. You are a sinner. Miso paste *shakes head*
  14. Welcome :)
  15. Thanks! I will!
  16. Ah, thanks for the heads up! I am now a Victorian, living in Melbourne :)
  17. Hello and welcome to NR....

    I had a VTR - I'd have another one in a heartbeat......great little V-Twin......great handling bikes.......

    This might be the start of your Twin-power love affair.......:D
  18. Ha ha, Ah wot!? he might only be a little 250, but he's not meek! Musashi was not a bully nor a bragger, but a man that walked his own path with honour. This bike picked it's own name really. He is showing me a side of life I never saw before and riding makes me feel like I'm getting to 'know' myself better. That bike loves me and treats me right.

    I could go on... but there's no way to explain how powerful I feel on that little 250! So the name stays :p

    I just turned 30 :) I love your profile pick by the way - Archer is great!

    Good riding.