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Loving Labour Day Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Chillidog, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. Unfortunately I cannot get out for a ride this coming Sunday but plan on making the most of the long weekend with a ride on Monday 10th.

    All welcome (particularly learners) and the ride will be tailored to those who attend.

    To be safe, plan on a full days riding with a couple of optional bail points for those who want to head off early.

    Would love if a more experienced rider wanted to lead, if not you can all follow me around at my relaxed pace for the day. I've had a look at some maps and think I've found somewhere different to try, as well as some of the old favorites.

    9:30 meet for a 10 am departure from 7/11 cnr stud and Wellington roads.
  2. hmmm I hope I have enough experience to attend this ride
  3. Doubtful
  4. oh I suppose I could stay home then
  5. maybe I should do some gardening
  6. I only posted this to prompt you to get out and lead....

    I saw you wanted the chocolate run ride on the Monday so figured your available :wacky:
  7. oh maybe then, are you paying my fuel?
  8. whos buying me lunch?

  9. Sure. Only at BPs though.
  10. You can go without lunch, you've put in a few kg lately
  11. yeah ive got half a bar
  12. Only half a... Meds must be wearing off?
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  13. im in we can decide who leads on the day but we will do your root
  14. You keep saying you want to do my root.... It is not going to happen
  15. not even if I bring angie?
  16. Nah, your too feminine for her.

    She likes masculine men, you're not her type.
  17. oooh, I'm reasonably experienced, (and been riding for a while too), off monday and working weekend, I'm in.
  18. I'm a learner so this ride should suit me.
  19. love riding but getting a bit sick of the hills.
  20. you could lead a ride down the monash but don't know how many will turn up
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