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loving it

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by godders, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Loving the scooter, been on my Beo 200 for over 14mths now and love it…it is different to a bike yet still part of being on 2 wheels.

    I’ve had bikes, KLR650, FJ1200, GSX600, F650 and they all offer different things for me, but the scoot is simply so good to use daily for commuting, sure if $ was no object it would be nice to have a blade or something for the weekend, but for my travels & as a daily tool to get to work – Logan Road, M1 daily nothing comes close –it does 140kph – (so I’m told) and easily gets to 110kph.

    I get looks from some bikes – thinking ‘why’ but they obviously don’t get it. Some are more ‘open’ LOL…at the end of the day we are all on 2 wheels and face the dangers of cagers so we should all be united in the two wheeled community.
  2. Good post godders.

    Scooters really are the king of the commute and its a shame not many riders are not man enough to give them a go. Although I'm on the bike now there are often times that I wish I still had a scoot for commuting but I just can't bring myself to pay for two lots rego, insurance etc.

    Glad to hear your enjoying it, you are part of the two wheels community on my book.
  3. Yeah I've had a bolwell HD200 for nearly 4 years now. Absolutly great for the commute. Although the old girl must be coming pretty close to the end of her life, shes 50000kms and everytime she needs something from a mechanic I get told thats the highest odometer reading they've ever seen on a scooter.

    Sure you get teased a bit for riding one but if what you need is something to get you to work and back they are more then worth it. I get less then 3L to the 100kms, can go freeway speeds no worries and can fit a weeks worth of shopping on board. Although I keep telling myself when she dies I'm getting a Ninja.
  4. I have had a ninja, was a good bike. Now have a gladius 650, and also a honda PCX scoot. What I like about the scoot, is it is so light 124kg, easy to manouvre, able to put my helmet. gloves under the seat and just walk away. don't have to worry about gears during the commute. I get 230km on a 6 litre tank!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also the scoot beats most cars off at the lights when taking off. It is only 125cc but gets up to 100km ok.

    My scoot is purely for commuting, and the gladius for the weekend and group rides. On the scoot don't get the nods anymore.
  5. I get nods on my scoot, but oddly enough only from motorcycle riders, scooters never nod back. Admittedly I'm always the nod instigator.
  6. I'm 130kgs and have just bought a Yamaha Aerox 100 to commute to school and back (chalkie.) The kids giggled a bit when I first got it but now they want to know more. Ideal high school commuter tool, Scooting needs to be pushed more to our kids as its cheaper and safer. My weekend ride's a Moto Guzzi so the madness is quite apparent 8-[ Keep on Scootin' :moped: