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Lovin the new bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Gixxer77, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Have been meaning to show a few picks for a while now. Hope you enjoy as much as I do.


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  2. love the Gixxers!
  3. Looks great - I've got to say I've always hated white vehicles but there are few bikes that really suit the white - this and the triumphs for starters.

    Had someone at work buy a Golf GTI recently and actually waited for a white one to arrive WTF!

    Anyway back on topic, congrats you'll love it.
  4. Very nice!

    I like the last pic, makes you want to get on and go for a ride.
  5. Sex on wheels!
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    Very nice. Congrats
  7. pure awesome
  8. nice pearl white gixxer, enjoy!
  9. looking nice in white!
  10. Very nice looking bike. I hope you do njoy your new ride...

  11. They're the new Brembo equipped ones huh?
    Such a good colour scheme, really impressed...never seen one on the road, i bet it looks unreal in the flesh!
    600 or 750?
  12. Yeah it is the new one with Brembos. It's the 600. It was tough to decide between the black/white and the red/blue, but liked the black/white cause it was a bit different (it doesn't have fully white rims either - easier to keep clean).
  13. I would have chosen the same scheme, looks spot on ;)
  14. I like your track pump.
  15. Nothing but high tech in my garage ad91on ha.
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  16. There aren't that many white bikes around, and it will grow on you like crazy too.