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Lovely retail experiences

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kimberley, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. I've worked on checkouts for the past 5.5 years and never have I had a day like today where I got so much attitude from customers over things out of my control. Give a girl a break! :meh:

  2. Yep , retail can suck at times - sometimes you just wanna slap people :D
  3. Try working at the casino for bad attitudes
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  4. Aaah - you need to learn how to give out replies / compliments that can be taken two different ways. ;)

    ie: One I heard about was a bloke who was manning a petrol station where he got all sorts of customers. One situation was when a large woman came in being quite nasty in the way that she complained about how long it took to be served. (As there were other customers before her, but apparently she was too important to be held up). He simply took the opportunity to reply saying that he was sorry about her "wait". ;)
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  5. I should become a regular contributor :p

    Nice one. Reminds me of the time a guy bought a pregnancy test through my checkout, and as he left I said "See ya later", which could have implied "Yeah you'll be back mwahaha".

    The plain cigarette packaging really makes it hard for us to find the right tobacco packet. They are all shoved into a drawer and all look the same, people get annoyed because it takes a while to find something. And we don't sell every size either. Most annoying when people come up and assume we have every brand and size.
  6. Try being a chef, customers assuming they're the only ones in the place.... where i work atm we have an open kitchen and a bloke the other day came up to the counter and i heard him say in a loud tone with a full restaurant, "where is my food i've been waiting too long".... i said to my off sider... does he not realise we are full upstairs and downstairs... there is about 4 tables in front of him and he had to wait an extra 15 mins.

    i only have 2 hands, and food is obv cooked to order... this isn't maccas mate.

    no one else complained... but apparently he was in a hurry, good food takes time and there was 50 other people to feed other than himself, who all pretty much came in at the same time... which is retarded.
  7. understandable Mikey but there are times when there is hardly anyone in a restaurant but you still wait up to 45 minutes for your meal which usually will take 20.
  8. Unfortunately that does happen in some places... even with a full team of chefs, and thats piss poor tbh... i've witnessed it many times.. but you dunno whats going on back there!

    Where i work there's only 3 chefs, the head chef/owner, me (sous) and an apprentice. with only 2 in the kitchen at any one time, and i time my dockets i average 15-20 mins, the only time it goes longer is when we have a full cafe.

    usually on the weekends, like today... we had 30 people all order at once... no bookings... i still averaged 20 min waits, not one single complaint today.

    i think what people forget is, good food cooked to order takes time... and i don't have 6 chefs and a huge kitchen to work with so... sometimes you have to wait an extra 10 mins.

    The dude who was rude was obviously in a hurry, but he didn't seem to grasp the concept that there were 4 tables ahead of him... and he got rude at FOH.
  9. Spare a thought for Correctional Officers and you'll realise just how good you've got it!

    Customers with attitude comes with the job. Don't take it personally and you won't have reason to vent (y)

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  10. Hey Mikey,

    I know what you mean about patron waits, as a second job I manage front of house for a large restaurant a couple nights a week. Tonight we had a table of 3 ladies complaining about wait times, apparently they were waiting over a hour for their meal. I thought this sounded fishy so before I comped them anything off their bill I went out the back to check the dockets. From table away to runners placing food on their table was 17 mins. *sigh* some people will try anything on! Tonight I'm a bit over PITA patrons.
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  11. That's assuming the order was put thru immediately. One of the fails that caused us to change the Monday coffee location was the fact they kept taking our order and forgetting to put it thru. The new place is pretty good.
  12. Yeah, it was, I know because I seated them and have a record of that time.
    Their drinks waiter placed their order 2 mins after I seated them, and their foodie just 4 mins after that.
    They were bullshitting me.
  13. Bloody annoying customers, businesses would be so much better off without them.
  14. I work in a business that deals with other businesses. I've got to admit - I much prefer to be dealing with other business people than the general public (retail, hospitality, etc). It just seems that dealing with other business people - they can appreciate and understand more. Might be worth looking for job opportunities in a different area that doesn't deal with the general public?
  15. My dream job is to be a researcher in psycholinguistics, believe me, when I finish getting all my uni education that's exactly what I'm doing :D
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