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Love to hate netriders right about now....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by meshifty, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wanted to let all of you know that i absolutely haaatttteeeeeee all of you right now.

    Im a noobie and got the 2 wheeler bug..... Got a nice lite tax return this year planning on a first set of wheels. Got my L's recently got all my riding gear set and ordered custon plates for said new bike.....

    All good you may say so why do i hate netriders you may say.


    Well nature decided that wifey needed some urgent surgury which required a huge amount of above said tax return......

    So right now im sitting in my full leathers, spit polished helmet reverse mounted on my kitchen chair sitting infront of a fan with the wife kicking the bottom of the seattttttt reading bloodyyyy forums about allllll of you enjoying the free open roadssss.


    /rant off

    Well anyways savings have started again so hopefully ill be on the roads again and catchin up with a few of you for relaxin cruisessssssss

    Yours faithfully

  2. but at least wifey's well, you can always get a bike a bit down the track, eh?
  3. Ack! That's bad timing.

    But it's YOUR FAULT! wives can be replaced - you should've got the bike alot quicker!!


    ( said in gest, of course)
  4. @hornet yep wifey is good and thats the most important

    @raven yep i know i know its my faultttt. Doesnt make me feel any less jealous tho. Might have to ride up and down the riad on bubs tricycle to release some frustration lol
  5. If my wifey wasnt so sore id make her piggyback me down the road so i could atleast break in the leathers
  6. Breaking in leathers ... aight....

  7. Lmfao netriders breaking in noobs aye
  8. Atleast you're not another squid.


    Practice your nodding too.

    And read up on wheelie theory while you're at it.
  9. Its all G man, hook yourself up some debt and you will be out on the roads with the rest of us within a day.


    EDIT: Serious response time:

    I had to wait a full year (almost to the day) to get my bike after i rego'd on netrider and started dreaming, if anything it has made me a much better rider because i had the time to do the research and understand the technique and physics behind sports motorcycle riding. This has allowed me to prevent bad habits from day one, even during in the learner course i was practicing my roll on through the corners. Now that im out on the road its clear how much difference it has made, i can control my SR's, i know how to correctly respond to road hazards mid corner such as gravel and derro's in utes running the lanes, im sure that the research i was forced to do (because reading about motorcycles is the closest thing to riding one) will, and probably already has, saved my ass.

    If i was you i would see this as a blessing, go out there and read some of the cornering technique threads on here, read books such as twist of the wrist (or watch the movie if your a lazy ass). Honestly it will be so much better in the long run.

    And then, when you do start riding, you get to enjoy the hilarity of screaming past people with your L plate fluttering in the breeze.

    More Edit:

    Do as this netrider does:
  10. That's why I've got a bike and no wife...:)
  11. Absolutely golddddddd!!!!

    Do as this netrider does:

    Also thanks for the advise. Ill look up those titles
  12. +! Works for me!
    Although, I am seeing a girl with her own bike!
  13. Women are masters at using guilt to get what they want. This may be an opportunity to reverse.

    Tell her how happy you were to make the sacrifice and how you don't mind waiting for a bike because there will be plenty of opportunity to get the bike but only one opportunity to keep her. Better yet, say it after cutting onions so it looks like you have tears in your eyes when you say it so she thinks you really mean it. Tell her you don't mind reading magazines for a while and then every now and then fake a tear (its okay to cry if its to get a new motorbike) when reading your favourite bike mag. Let her catch you once in a while dressing in your motorcycle gear and staring at yourself in the mirror so she thinks you did it without knowing she was there.

    Eventually she will be overcome with guilt that she will make sacrifices to help you buy the bike...

    Warning - May also result in her thinking she married a softcock and dumping you for a man who doesn't cry. Use crying with discretion. Crying is normally only reserved for grand final sporting event losses, motorcycle thefts, beer thefts, turning down 3some's with hot women because your wife is standing behind you with a baseball bat and lost pets.