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Love the Yamaha colours for Assen

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Seedy, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Reminds me of my first ever bike... a YZ80E.

  2. memories of Johnny Cecotto and Steve Baker :)
  3. i just jizzed.....
    i love it nice to see them bring back the red and white of the 80's 90's dont mind the blue but the red and white is just awesome, and doesnt look like a suzuki:p
  4. Hope you had your monitor jizz screen up.

    Found a pic of my bike. Damn this brings back memories. Did a lot of riding around the suburbs on this as a naughty teenager, always found it very handy that it could fit on a pedestrian overpass. Police cars were a bit too wide.

  5. Nice E. I had an F model. One of the best bikes I ever owned (or rode).
  6. Not my E, just a random pic I found on Google. I might have a couple of pics somewhere in a shoebox or something. I'll try and find them. Agree totally, most reliable bike I have ever owned. Not that many parts for stuff to go wrong with I suppose. So much fun though, front wheel was hardly ever on the ground.
  7. It looks awesome doesn't it, bring back the old Yamaha Hero colors full time i recon!
  8. Looks awesome, would be good if Yamaha realesed them as special edition fairings on the R1's or something.
  9. for those too young to remember, here's the original


    and another version

  10. Nah mate here's the original in the senior class, as ridden by Agostini in '74.
  11. This was always my favourite looking R1, another retro thingo... so here's hoping. I saw one of these parked down at Cowes a couple of years ago and had to wipe the drool off my shirt for the rest of the afternoon.

  12. swap the yellow for red and it would be sweet,
    too suzuki for me
  13. Sorry - To me these are Yamaha Racing colours. King Kenny Roberts raced Barry Sheene at silverstone in these, and for 35 minutes I forgot to breathe.
  14. Agreed, as much as I love the red segmented stripe, black and white on yellow is Kenny Roberts, Don Castro, and Kel Caruthers and the brave men who conquered the mighty TZ-700 :)
  15. I like the red but agree with the others - King Kenny in yellow...:
  16. tz 750 wasnt it hornet?
  17. ok just googled it the original was 700 changed to 750 in 1973
  18. Kenny Roberts never raced a TZ700 only 750's and those pictures are both of 500's.
  19. Ahhh, it was great to see that scheme back in MotoGP. My bike (soon for sale) is painted as a replica of that scheme from about 10 years ago...