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Love the stunts - hate the music

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Chef, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. Merry Christmas Stunters


  2. i agree..short clip though.. if you wants to make a clip, i can mix a few tracks.
  3. Yeah i do want to make some clips.
    I'm in the process of making one now with footage i pilfered off the web.
    I've set it to an old AC/DC song.
    I'll probably post it when i'm done, until i get copywrite complaints and have to pull it down again.
    It would be good to have some original footage and music to make something someone else can pilfer :p
    But finding stunters who are up for it is a bit difficult. They don't bob up very often.
    I'm running a G4 Mac. It's ok, if i had more grunt i could play with final cut pro.
    Maybe for Christmas.
    Shoot me a PM if you want a chat

    Cheers Steve
  4. if you want stunt material to edit, we could arrange something via pm
  5. I think the music was quite appropriate for the stunt video. As much as we all love accadacca, and i'm a fan of alt/rock music (only)... i've still never liked stunt videos with rock songs.
  6. Ive seen that one before. Love that bike that goes up in flames. :LOL:
  7. Always a hoot to find some new footage, even if it was short and sweet.
    But bike clips are a lot like pornos, after a while they start to look the same.
    Just a bunch of guys doing the same things with a dodgy sound track over the top. :p
    I'm not actually that much of a fan of AC/DC, but i found one of their songs is perfect to make a film clip to.
    That would be the perfect combo for me, a band who's music i liked, using bikes in their film clip.
    So i just make up my own till the day it happens.
    I think it started for me back when i began watching Superbikes with mates who rode.
    Channel 10 use to start the telecast with Robbie Williams - Let me entertain you.
    With the kwaka that flips and explodes while Julian commentates over the top.
    That was the catalyst that got me my licence. Not because i wanted to flip and explode, but because it was a bloody exciting way to start a telecast. :LOL:

    +1 :cool: