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Love that new bike in the US. here's how to get it.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pro-pilot, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=4781

    ***Note this is for bikes that you cannot buy here!***** :grin:

    For motorcycles there is no customs duty, just GST at 10%.

    Shipping and customs will probably come up to the $2000 mark.

    You need to go through your states roads authority to get a clearance on emissions and compliance.

    As far as I can tell, if you buy from California. There emissions standards are higher than ours. Plus the design standards are the same.

    You can mod it once here!

  2. Thank you - you are a savior - I was trying to work all the things out as I wanted to bid for a bike in the states
  3. Be careful, I remember reading that if you are importing a bike that is locally available, it must be a special reason for importing one rather than getting one locally, such as a race specific, modified bike or the like I think. Not 100% sure of details, but check with someone first just to be sure.
  4. Also, from an ADR view, it's my understanding that the headlight will be pointing the opposite direction, which may need to be rectified for RWC.
  5. Sorry pro-pilot.

    I'm 85-90% sure regulations will not let you import a vehicle into this
    country thats locally available.
  6. Also what happens when you need to change it over to right hand drive... :mad:
  7. Nightgash, I think we need to have a mentoring day... and look at your bike carefully... they're all right hand drive! :p :LOL:
  8. Yeah I know I couldn't resist, thought that would get a laugh! :rofl:
  9. Actually I remember an episode of 'Happy Days' where Fonzie defended someone in court who was accused of snatching a ladies bag as he rode past, but the bike was a left hand throttle, which was how he got off. :wink: :cool:
  10. I remember fonz's chopper as a Honda 750/4. but I suspect there were multiple bikes during the series.
  11. I was told if you have owned the bike for more than 12 months (in the country you are importing it from) than you can import it even if it is locally available... Also there might be special previsions for importing a bike from england...

    Oh and if you think it might be a good idea to take your bike overseas... you SO do not want to bring it to US!! About $12,000 with insurance ($3000) for a 3 week ride....
  12. I'm aware of something along those lines.

    Dosent help anyone here tho. :LOL:
  13. Hang on people - what is all this "locally available" business. Does anyone have any evidence of this. Also, the C90 I'm looking at is a white/silver colour which is definitely not available is Australia it comes only in black here
  14. By the way - I'm off my Ls for one week and already I'm Mr 1500cc
  15. The evidence is definitely out there for you to find, because I found it when I was going to buy a bike from the USA. If the bike is available here, you've basically got no hope of bring it in and being able to register it here.
  16. This is for bikes that are not available here.

    Why would I import one I can get from a shop here! :grin:
  17. I don't think that'll work, I doubt colour is enough reason
  18. I also doubt it is a reason enough for wanting to go through all this in the first place. I suspect a top-notch custom paint job would be a lot cheaper and hassle-free than importing a bike from overseas.
  19. I recently had my bird shipped uk for the isle of man TT. We went thru Dave Milligan at get routed tours. Originally the price was around the $6k mark then closer to the the date he hiked the price up by $1500 so ended up costing $7500 which did include 1 nites accommodation in felixstowe and our steam packet ferry tickets to the IOM. As well as all fees incurred to clear the bike to ride over there on my Aussie plates (IOMTT07) .
    My bike got there in one piece and as I had packed it. But unfortuately, cos we live in Perth we had to arrange to get our bikes crated to melbourne as there were not enough bikes to ship from here so that incurred another expense, crating @ $300(frasers here did a great job) and we were under the understanding that the Company that we had arrange to ship them to melbourne, GKR, charged us $500 each to get the bikes (6 in total) to melbourne and home once they were in australia again. Cheap? we thought so so we accepted it. Recent communications from Dave milligan and GKR were not good.
    1: dave milligan had our money for the trip and couldnt care less and everything was too hard and Lied thru his teeth to us about our crates our bikes were supposed to go back into and was quite rude about it to our group from WA. So My mate Murray who luckily was picking up 2 large Mercede's sprinter vans from over east this week was able to bring our bikes back and informed me of what had happened. Pretty much everthing dave had said was a lie. He didnt have our crates for which we had paid for and simply didnt want to fulfill his part of the agreement lied about it the whole way thru. There was little or no communications about our bikes progress except when he had to cover his arse. Dave and maggie came highly recommended to us but we wont be using them again. We want to be treated with a little more respect and courtesy than that.
    2: GKR. as mentioned earlier, we had paid for our bikes to be shipped melbourne and back to perth...or so we thought. Our bikes were back on aussie soil and we were about to get GKR to do the pick up our bikes when we were gonnabe charged another $450 and wouldnt have our bikes back for 3-5 weeks. This deal was made by someone who had dealings thru their own business so was done as a cashie....no reciepts,no con notes! there lies OUR error.

    Ive done what i had dreamed of doing and that was riding my own bike over in the UK, Scotland and more so the Isle of man. But it is still costing us now.
    All I can say is if you are considering shipping your bike to another country, there are other alternatives. Shop around for some one to ship for you. People like dave are in business so naturally a business needs to make a proft but YOU WILL PAY FOR THEIR SERVICES! Thats any operator. Make sure you have con notes and reciept of payment.
    Shop around too. We are planning on going back in 2009 so are investigating our options now. So far its already half the price of what dave charged.
    on the other hand, it was way cheaper than trying to hire a bike or car for the 6 weeks we were over there........