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Love school Holidays!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by krabi, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. So, went to my work (a school in Maitland, I'm a teacher) to do some work, it also happens to be school holidays. Decided, what the F#%$ am I doing here so went for a ride out to Broke and Wollombi. Now I had no intention of going out that far, but I was following a guy on a Sprint and just outside of Cessnock, he waved me to get beside him at the traffic lights. He wanted to know how to get to Broke. So, I said follow me, seemed an easier option than explaining it. As soon as we turned on to Broke Rd he could see the signs and took off, talk about getting bike envy.
    Anyhow, I decided what the hey and went to Broke and then across to Wollombi. Lovely day, and lovely ride.
    Now, two things were reinforced on this ride. Where you look is where your bike goes, going around some bends a number of cars were cutting the corners. So as I was going around the bend I kept my eye on the car, funny enough I started to drift into their lane. It is really hard not to look though, got to work on this.
    Secondly, watch for wildlife! I ran over a red belly black snake. I felt really bad about that! It was sunbaking on the road!
    Anyhow, thought I'd rub it in that I went on an impromptu ride in the Hunter Valley on a lovely day \:D/

  2. I'm a teacher too. I also went to work today but I didn't go riding instead cause unfortunately there was work to be done. :(
  3. My wife took the kids to Megamania at Warners Bay so I jumped on the bike, left Thornton and went to Rutherford to do some errands then into town for a run around the beaches and a loop around the lake. Got in trouble for not mowing the lawn like I was supposed to. 'Twas indeed a nice day to be on the bike.
  4. hey krabi, nice quote, I work at an Augustinian school (also as a teacher ;) )

    I cleaned my bike today :)
  5. :LOL: it's easier ask for forgiveness than permission
  6. im not a teacher and i have to go to work but as its school holidays i have only half the travel time.. this is a good thing.. thankyou teachers of the world for having holidays.
  7. I don't agree with everything Augustine has said, but I think my signature quote just lacks two words "those who do not travel [by motorcycle]".

    Ahh, so true!
  8. School holidays are great.. I work at as a school as well.. not as a teacher but as a Tech. I got to work yesterday and realised I'd forgotten my laptop.. thought to myself.. yep I'll go home and grab it (only live 5 minutes away)...2 and a half hours later I return... oops !!! Had a nice little ride up and down the mornington peninsula.

    enjoy whats rest of them !.. I decided to take today off and go for a ride.. the weather is way to good to be stuck inside..

  9. Have to agree with OldBellHelmet.

    It is so much easier and calmer getting to work during the school holidays; less traffic and no school zone 40 limits.

    I never realised it was the absence teachers (seeing how they are riders). I thought it must be that lots of kids drive themselves to and from school.
  10. no school zones is fantastic.

    i have to go through 5 on the 30min commute to work. (can cut it down to 3 with a different route but its not much faster.)

    every morning/afternoon there is a radar in at least one of these zones. its not a huge problem though after subconscious training every day to go from 65-40-65.

    anyway back to the OT, I agree that is a fantastic ride.

    Careful of running over snakes though, i've seen one flicked up into a car window as someone ran over it (old internet footage somewhere.) and can imagine getting a biker on the leg would be just as easy.

    Red bellies don't move fast - unless they are having their back broken, in which case they are whip-like.
  11. I work at a senior school so for me lots of kids do drive themselves to and from school. There are a few bike rides amongst them, too!

    That's waht I was afraid of when I did it. I suppose wearing boots and thick pants would protect me from a bite. Hopefully!
  12. Heh, it's not teachers or kids driving themselves, it's parents driving kids {/bleeding obvious}... ours have gone on the bus since they were about 7.
  13. nice work on the ride. Moments like that are awesome. Im always hanging out for that bonus few km's.

    and YES!! your spot on about the corners/eyes/looking etc. I get really anxious around blind right handers when I see cars coming. I start to just look at the front of the car rather than only acknowledging its there and keep starting at the exit point, even if it is the embankment edge. Damn hard to keep all the instincts and SR's in tact or out of your mind all together depending on whats required.
  14. Sorry folks, but I went out for another impromptu ride yesterday (Thursday). My parents called up about a computer problem (they live on the Central Coast). Once again I thought what the hey I'll ride down as I can show them what to do. This time I went down the Old Pacific Highway all the way to Gosford, spent a few hours there and then decided to go the "long way back" to Newcastle ("long way round" has been taken :grin: ). Stopped at the motorcylce shop at West Gosford to get some summer gloves, went through Peats Ridge and followed the road that goes to Wisemans Ferry, turned right at some point and went to Wollombi and then to Maitland (had to drop bike off for a service). Then caught train home :( .
    I was practising my cornering and I was going fine, but then my left turns started to go wide, bike just refused to turn in tight. I pulled over and I noticed a little leak coming out of the left fork. Could that possibly have been the problem? Anyhow, mechanic noticed a stone chip on the fork and said that job will have to be done after the long weekend :(
    Anyhow, I loved the ride and I succeeded in making my wife jealous as she had to go to work, and thought I'd rub it in again :p Love these school holidays and love being a teacher!
  15. ahh, how i would love to hit the old pac today!

    gotta hit it tomorrow though, so i guess thats ok. ;) provided its not thunderstorming of course!