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Love letter from the EPA

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PeteFXDB, Mar 18, 2011.

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  1. Just got a letter from the EPA informing me that my bike is too loud.
    So now I have to put the stock pipes on, get tested and put my loud ones back on.

    I see this as a complete waste or time, money and energy but I am thinking this will not be the last time this happens.

    Sorry about the rant but I had to share :p


  2. Ouch, as long as you can do it yourself, all it does is cost time right? Time you could spend riding no less.
  3. Just hope you don't get a second letter, second offences can get expensive (think the maximum fine is around the $5,000 mark).
  4. If he passes the first time a second letter is not an increase in anything, ask jdk
  5. Once he's passed any subsequent complaints are a new, second offence - and the EPA tends to be less lenient the second time around.
  6. Incorrect.
    Ask JDK
    he's been cited about 7 times and passed each time
  7. Hmm, obviously they're a lot more lenient towards bikes than cars (or JDKs been very lucky).
    I know a few car owners who've gone from fines of a couple of hundred to over a thousand for putting the illegal exhaust back on the car.
  8. My first EPA was a $160 fine, second was $480, 3rd was $7009 which I contested and ended up costing me $63 or something.

    Edit, sorry that was the car.
  9. What kind of geriatric **** dobs people in for loud zorts?
  10. your mum...


  11. What's the exhaust? I've just fitted a cobra pipe to my vulcan, and it's loud.. Now you've got me all paranoid. Lol.

    Really don't want to have to be pulling it off and on in order to pass noise tests.
  12. The penalties are harsh only if EPA test it with the illegal exhaust on, eg. if you go testing station with loud exhaust, or epa random testing on the road. If you just get a letter because someone has complained - you have the chance to do whatever you need to do to pass. As long as its legal when you go in there, no issues for repeated offenses.

    They do take photos but I dont think its of much consequence for obvious reasons which I'll not comment on a public forum.

    According to the EPA you need 2 random dob ins for them to require you to go tested - I've heard of some people getting a warning letter then a second report leads to testing. Knowing this now I'd get in contact and ensure 2 different people had reported it. The systems dodgy and I know of people reporting others just to be vindictive.

    But if an authorized person reports it (eg. police, rta member or similar) then its straight to testing.

    Sadly people use the dob-in system as a form of harassment.
  13. I'd love an Akra race pipe on the 14, mostly for the weight saving, but I can do without the grief. Std pipes, std rear guard ... doesn't look that daggy and why ask for trouble?

    I mean, with a claimed 193 hp, I obviously need more because I use all that and it doesn't go fast enough ... sheesh!

    Another thing - I don't know how well slightly modded and owner modded stuff goes today, but years ago I went to a few run-what-ya-brung meets at Adelaide international. The funny thing was that a few hotted vehicles really did get up and party, but most of them went slower than stock. Cars and bikes. As a general rule, the stock v loud contest went to the stock one hands down. Technology has changed a bit, but poverty afflicted wankers with throw together butcher-jobs and open pipes, still want to exercise the delusion that they can build NASCAR or WSBK engines... I don't think that's changed much.

    Sometimes you could pick it and sometimes you were dead wrong. There was an old valiant slant six with a hair drier, and it sounded awful, looked like sheet - but it ran 12s all night. There was also a really tidy WB stato, V8 (turned out to be a 253, but it sounded big) and it looked and sounded the goods. Struggled to break into the 18s. Yes, eighteen seconds...
  14. the types who live in or near my street in Beigewick are :-(
  15. People can ring up and dob you in for pretty much anything, and it can cause you incredible grief - depending on what they want to accuse you of. But if they're not real smart and keep doing it, they'll end up getting themselves in more sh1t than you. Cops talk to you about a complaint and you tell them it isn't the first. Their first reaction will be that you are a serial offender, but you explain that you are getting all sorts of odd complaints about half or completely fabricated rubbish, and ask them to check back where these complaints suddenly started coming from. If you can get them to believe that you even might be telling the truth, then whoever is making phonecalls is going to end up answering at least as many silly questions as you...
  16. The complaint can also be from the Police themselves. In a recent conversation with a cop I was advised that they do not have to do it on the spot so if they see a bike which they think is loud they can just not the number and write it up later.

    I was also advised that if you get such a notice, it is illegal to change your pipes before it is tested. Obviously from JK's experience this doe not seem to be enforced, but it wouldn't take much ... a photo of the aleged offending pipes and a comparison with the pipes at the test.
  17. So much misinformation in this thread
    Please refer to the already numerous epa and loud exhaust threads that populate politics the law and insurance forum.
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