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love at first twist [bl@@dy men] UPDATE he got his baby!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chickibabe, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Well !!!!!!!!!!. Hubby decides to take me for a ride ( of my life) :LOL: .
    Were too you ask, Bl@@dy bike shops, not one not two but three, oh what such fun on my day off!.
    It started with the trading post, and a car yard :roll: They had a 2000 gsxr 750, 28,000ks for $6990, to good to be true we thought and it was. The guy didn't tell us that the bike had been dropped. it was in good condition he said ( good condition my ass) hubby was not happy. :evil: .
    So he (we, me in toe on my little gs) took his fustration out on Parramatta Road. :grin: .
    Next stop, team moto parramatta. (insert cigarette in month NOW). Just looking he says ( yeah right). next thing I know he has taken off on a 01 hayabusa. ](*,) , with a sale assistant giving chase. :LOL: 15 minutes later he's back, with the assistant still giving chase [following his drool slick] He takes his helmet off, and the smile is wrapped around his ears :LOL: . The next thing I know they are talking figures. (bike almost sold) BUT he doesn't want to commit yet because ACTION'S have got there 3 days sale!!!. :roll: Just incase there is something better. So I leave him there (BIG MISTAKE) as it is now 2-30, sh!t the kids.
    Next I get a phone call "do ya love me" and if you do how much ($) do ya love me". Now I'm worried.

    Now this is his problem
    03 Hayabusa: 30k $13000 no trade or
    07 Blackbird: NEW $15000 on road OR
    07 Hayabusa: NEW $15000 with trade, $17300 without trade (on road)

    For those that know him, he has no hair left to pull out!!!!
    He has already put a deposit down to take one of three bikes :roll: subject to test ride (mon/tues). (bl@@dy men).
    Ok suggestions WHICH ONE?
    PS Anyone have a (BIG) shed forsale :mad:
  2. Poetic justice, I say; how often has HE had to troll around dress shops and malls while YOU shop for things that are nowhere near as important as motorbikes :LOL: :wink:?????

    {Pssst, buy the new bike; you take a hit on depreciation, but you get that lovely virgin feel, and warranty....}
  3. Honda's a better bike, and cheaper.

    However if he really wants a Busa then screw good and price. The Busa certainly isnt a bad bike.
  4. Tell him to try a GSX1400 or CB1300 in the real world (not going ballistic) they make a Busa, Blackbird and a ZX1400 seem guttless (until you hit 5000 rpm) and they are very comfortable, and yes I could have gotten a Busa but it was only fun when you got it to a place in the rev. range were they throw you in gaol.
  5. Why not a zx14?
  6. It's guttles at legal speeds, a bit like riding a 750 were the 1400 and 1300 have real grunt off idle e.g. 6th gear at 30kph they just go no bogging no hesitation. Top gear roll on I can blow off the Busa and the ZX1400 for at least 300 metres.
  7. myself personally i would take the blackbird, have heard far to many stories about the busa and its alum subframe and also swing arm, one guy i know has had both crack on him mid apex, sure he isnt the mildest of riders, but anyone considering either of these bikes isnt really think nice sedate sunday rides, other wise they would be looking at a fjr1300 or a st1300, also i'd just like to note that when said sub frame or swing arms goes on the busa suzuki will not cover under warranty and nothing can be said to change their minds

    honda is alot better to deal with when it does come to warranty issues but thats just my opinion
  8. I would spend the extra 2G to get new and full factory warranty. I would also get the bird, but then, this is only my opinion. :wink: :)
  9. (VIRGINS) Hubby said he will have 2, :LOL: he wishes, dream on boyyyyyyyyy!!
    Gsx14 and cb1300 not him, not into naked (ummmmmm, virgins,ummmmmmm, his mind is dragging in the gutter again!!!!)

    Ummm jail, (hello mr plod) M4 is 110 yes????? speedo said otherwise :LOL:

    zx14 he tried but didn't like riding position
  10. oopps I forgot to add after 4500rpm the ZX1400 just goes ballistic and blows my GSX1400 into the weeds. The only problem is that I may as well hand my licence in now if I was to buy one LOL
  11. Tell him to waste 10min and try it he has nothing to loose. I got off a ZX1400 last weekend and fell in love with my GSX1400 all over again when I got back on it. I really just could'nt go backwards as far as fun per buck goes. P.S. did you know that the 1400 is less than $13,000 bucks, tell him to look at the latest Rapid Bikes. PPSS I know Snake at S&R Pro in Sydney he has 2 Busa's one of which makes over 500hp he also has a GSX1400 which is his favourite bike ??? the GSX1400.

  12. hey no poit trying to convince someone into something they just ar3 interested in, just rememebr everyone has their own likes and dislikes
  13. GS500 to Busa ? I think the decishion at this stage is more about fashion.
  14. where did you pull that out of she said she was on a gs500
  15. Blackbird for me and a better pillion mount too.
  16. Err, chickbabe's other half has an 1100 Gixxer. :roll:

  17. plsu any one who chooses a busa isnt doing so as a fashion accessory, they are the prettiest of bikes :LOL:
  18. Chickbabe,

    I will offer some opinion as I have had a Hayabusa 2000 model, and now have a Blackbird.

    First, forget the used Busa, $13K for a 4 year old machine with only dealer 3 month stat warranty is not a great deal when for a couple of grand more new can be had. There are more and more blackbird riders everyday, simply because at $15K ride away, they cannot be beaten for value, this is a hell of alot of bike for the $$. I have heard from several new members of our blackbird group, that they were looking at Busa, ZX12/14 and yet decided on the bird because all else being equal, the price is a winner.

    Stonkingly fast, tons of torque in any gear at any speed. Gets attention, some say it's fugly, some love it. The pillion seat is better than alot of sportsbikes, and the riding position is pretty comfy. The stock screen is shit for any riding at 100km/h it offers little protection unless you are 5'5" or less. The subframe issues are sorted with new models, it mainly affected 99-2000 models. These bikes have a ferocious appetite for rear tyres, if you push it, a rear will last half as long on a Busa as it would on other bikes in the same class, same goes for chain and sprockets. Despite it's size and weight, they are quite nimble from 10km/h up.
    This bike is more suited to a trackday compared to the blackbird, better ground clearance, and has adjustable front/Rear suspension.

    Stonkingly fast, actually in a 100km/h throttle roll on, the bird will pull 5-6 bike lengths right up to about 240km/h then the busa catches up, and there isn't much in it from there. Lots of torque, super smooth (arguably the smoothest of any bike ever made), super reliable engine ( I know a couple of people with more than 110,000km on the clock, and they have spent nothing more than servicing and it still runs like new. Linear power delivery, and the dual combined brake system (which the Busa doesn't have) now in it's 3rd generation is very very good, almost to the point of un-noticeable. Tyres last pretty well, the ride position is very comfortable, and the seating for pillions is one of the best of any bike out there, very comfortable for long rides. Honda build quality-2nd to none. Similar weight to the Busa, and just as nimble once moving just a few km/h. has one of the best headlights in the business. A drawback is that there is no adjustment on the front suspension, and only pre-load on the rear, but unless you are racing it on the track most find this isn't an issue.

    If you want to ask anything I haven't covered PM me and I will answer where I can,
  19. oopps I missed the GSX1100, I would now like to withdraw all previous comment except the bit about wasting 10min to try the 14
  20. Excuse my laziness but does the Blackbird have readily available hard luggage?