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love at first site !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 99sydrd, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Hey folks
    It all started when bough my first bike gs500 , the sales man suggested
    'dont by that buy this its a new suzi gsx 650f ' i told him i cant ride it in nsw on the learner scheme.It looked nice enough but i didnt really give it anymore though as i wanted my gs500 !
    As i'm in the market for a new bike , today i pulled into mcdonalds car park at blacktown and there she was a nice new gsx650f (black) sitting in the car park commanding presence, i told my mate you get your food i'm going to find this bloke and have a chat, he got the food and i got talking to the fellow who own's it, we had a good chin wag and he was nice enough to started it for me as ive been keen to hear one ! It sounds very nice.He said it is excellent machine !
    Anyway Ive narrowed it down to 3 possiblities - gsx650f, gsx1400, or a gsx1300 hayabusa . Anyway no more delay im of to central coast suzuki on saturday to test drive them all, can't wait ! :grin:
    I'll let y know how it goes !

  2. I presume you mean love at first SIGHT, although it could mean you love the Netrider SITE, in which case, s'okay!!!
  3. Dont go too big if you haven't had much experience.

    All i can say is that the people i have seen go too big too early have had BIG accidents !
  4. Definetly take that on board, the bloke at the bike shop suggested i test ride the hayabusa first and after that i will never want to ride anything else again. He said that hayabusa's are easy to ride and comfortable. Thats exactly what i want ! ... i'll see what happens.
  5. He's right!

    But it's a big, fast, heavy bike.
    - don't drop it.
    - don't park it forwards on a downward slope.
    - don't expect insurance to be cheap.
    - don't expect to lose to much at the lights :)
  6. - don't expect to have clean underwear the first time you slip the throttle.
  7. I did the same thing and wanted a new bike after getting my full licence and only had the GS for 8 months.
    And one thing I do regret is not really really spending alot more time on the GS500F.
    If you see some that has spent alot of time on the GS ,they can really throw it around. :shock:

    And I just picked up the new GSX650F ,do a search and see the small review and video I made. :wink:
  8. "Not lose to much at the lights"


    True, true.
  9. Sleddog , nice bike the video on u tube is exactly what im talking about.
    Suzuki should provide a picture frame for them as part of the apparel!

    Bikes are like woman once you get the right one you it and the gs500 isnt her !
  10. I now what your saying ,good luck with the search. :)