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Love a bit of racism in the morning

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ad91on, Nov 30, 2011.

  2. Wow... what a biatch!!! I feel sorry for her kid... I wonder if her face was still intact after getting off that tram? :furious:
  3. don't think she'll be around for much longer kid or not
  4. This should be in the news and she should be publicly shamed, and to think London has the Olympics next year
  5. Was in the on-line papers yesterday.
  6. That poor boy..

  7. Ok cool, let's hope that little boy does not mimic his mother when he's older, or even better still brings home a black girl as his wife.
  8. Lexington Steele would shut her up with some style.
  9. :( so sad for the kid :(

    Maybe in a few hunderd years all humans will finally accept that we live on the same planet rather than different countries...
  10. Joe can you make your sigfile more compact please?
  11. This is what happens when you watch too much A Current Affair and Today Tonight
  12. True that ^^

    FYI, She has been formally charged with aggravated racism or something. I don't see what was so aggravated about it personally. There's another similar one called "my train experience" but it's not quite so full on or well filmed.
  13. I saw that yesterday, just not sure really what the point in charging her is...

    I know there's no "right" to free speech in the UK but charging one pissed up old bird for saying what a large percentage on the population thinks any way is counter productive...
  14. Yeah I couldn't see the point in charging her. Only fuels those that agree with her.
  15. The irony is, that the British invaded so many countries and screwed up so much politics to many places over the centuries, that the refugees are escaping from the turmoil brought upon them. Fact.
  16. I'd be much more willing to to accept the fact tag, If I could actually understand what you just posted...
  17. the lady was saying go back to where you come from, and the thing is people have left where they have originated from, because there countries are screwed from forced ruling, and international muddling (on behalf of the British).
  18. You're very much simplifying it by simply blaming the british.
  19. Yeah but it makes good copy. In Europe the UK are doubly screwed.

    Most foreign nationals in the UK aren't refugees but people from poorer nations that have a right however tenuous to live in the UK.

    Both the Eastern edges on the EU and Britain's former empire provide a vast number of workers for whom no matter how ****ed the UK is, it's better than were they originated from. No other member country apart from maybe France has this double whammy.

    That coupled with Thatcher destroying the UK manufacturing base rather than attempting to fix it in the eighties, left a huge portion of the UK population without hope of employment, and now days when jobs do appear they are consistently undercut by "Foreigners"

    And to think I used to be a Tory...
  20. Yeah well, that's how it was back then, you conquered weaker countries or perished. Pointless applying 21st century morality to colonialism.