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Louder Exhaust with no low down power loss ??

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Glennb, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. I have a 99 zx6 and Im looking around for an exhaust to give it a deeper note. But I dont want to lose any low down power and dont want to fiddle with the carby with jet kits and stuff.
    Can this be done or do all exhaust that give a deeper note lose you power down low??

  2. If your going to change any part of the intake or exhaust system then for it to be running properly you'll need to adjust the carbs. Changing an exhaust for a larger or free flowing item will reduce the backpressure most likely causing the bike to run lean which can damage the engine. Put simply its an easy job to change an exhaust over, but to tune it properly to suit isnt as easy.
  3. you can always do my dad's method...
    shove a crowbar in your exhaust & hammer a hole through to enlarge it!
  4. The good old debaffling method 'ey... :LOL:
    One problem with that is your still changing the dynamics of the exhaust system which will still require re-jetting. That said, a helluva lot of people don't, and just put up with the reduced performance just because their bike now sounds better. :roll:
  5. Yeah I've got staintune exhausts on my bike and it hasn't been remapped to suit.

    As a consequence it runs rich, and occasionally spits unburned fuel at the rev limit.

    I don't particularly mind. Power's great. YMMV, though, it's a risk.
  6. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but if i was to get an after maket exhuast even a slip on muffler then i would have to re-tune my bike may it be carby or fuel injection?
  7. Fuel injested you shouldn't. the computer should sort itself out. Carbies will need some help though.
  8. It depends on the bike and what it was tuned for. If the bike has soggy low end now, an exhaust isn't going to turn it into a thumper.
    On my bike, I picked up gobs of low and midrange torque, and better fuel economy with new mufflers. Now, my bike was a little rich in the low and midrange to start, so it puts it right about where it should be.
    Yes, my bike does run a wee bit lean on the top end now, but the engine rarely goes there in my day to day riding (power falls off after 9k rpm so no need to go there much), so I can live with it.

    Regards, Andrew.