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Loud Shitbucket cars

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Kyba274, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. I really REALLY do not understand what the deal is with young p platers putting absurdly loud exhausts on shitty old small 1.4L engined cars.
    You know exactly the sort im talking about. They are everywhere. You hear a loud racket, look for something racing past, but instead see a old 1991 ford fiesta putting along slowly, with shiny P plates hanging half hidden in the back/front windows.
    In most cases these are the aggressive shitty drivers that perform dangerous and unpredictable maneuvers aswell.
    Are they not embarrassed to be seen in that loud shitbucket??
    I'm a young p plater myself and would never want to be seen in such a shitty yet loud car... id make the exhaust as quiet as possible if i had to own that sort of car...
    Dont get me wrong, I love a good exhaust note that is accompanied by a visually matching vehicle, but to see so much noise coming from a small 20year old lowered hatch with shiny rims that is moving at a snails pace is simply... disgusting... and very cringeworthy.
    It makes me want to shove a potato into that ridiculous large sized exhaust the all have.

    And i thought it was bad enough in Melbourne, but after moving up to the gold coast... there is a PLAGUE of them here!
    These are the idiots that police should be catching.

    End rant
  2. Because it's Cooooool!

    I don't really have much problem with it, as much as any other attention seeker's exhaust, regardless what car it is. It's all about getting attention. Quite sad, really.
  3. did someone say LEB..

    seen a plate on a car with LEBGEN, oh dear
  4. Its not all about attention. Theres a significant deal of personal pleasure from having a loud exhaust too. I still get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside whenever I ride through tunnels or just rev my bike outside my house.
  5. RAMSET quick setting expanding foam is much better -- comes in a handy spray can with a nozzle so it can reach a long way in past the exhaust tip goes in expands fills up and hardens
  6. I put a pacemaker system on my VN SS when I was a p-plater. It was cool and it sounded great! I couldn't get why people would put cannons on cars, it makde the worst sound when you weren't flogging it (90% of the time).
  7. I quite love it when I go into an underground carpark on my bike.. the exhaust note resonates off the concrete walls and is actually somewhat deafening :angel:

    In terms of my old car though, it had a loud exhaust.. but it was a deep tone that sounded half like a truck in an old school rear wheel drive car.

    As stated further up this page, if I was driving a little fail-wheel-drive hatchback theres no way I'd want to draw attention to it.

    Plus I've noticed lately a few P platers going around lately whos cars make a louder more annoying noise once they back off instead of whilst on power.
    That one seems to have the true ricer effect.

  8. Kyba, you said this on another post about your bike, which is probably as shitbuckety as the cars getting around your area...

    Pot? Kettle? Black?
  9. I don't mind them. I find it funny that they would waste money like that. It also makes my job of working out who to avoid a lot easier.
  10. I had the Bunnings special exhaust on my VR when I was a P plater. We called it that because not only was it absurdly large, it also appeared to be missing certain parts such as a cat converter. I didn't put it there though, it was like that when I bought it.

    Despite everything, it did sound pretty good, in a bogan kind of way. Buick 3800 ftw.
    A simmilar sort of thing on a Hyundi Excel does make me laugh though.
  11. Im not a facist so Im not going to tell anyone whether they can or cant buy a loud exhaust, but on the road, a high flowing exhaust is pretty pointless. If you have a racing machine, then it is of technical importance. (Note to P platers, your korean car is not a racing machine)

    I have NEVER been in a car where the burbling exhaust under the car didnt get old and annoying after 20 mins.

    Dont mistake me for a member of the biege squad though. I have a bike that is powerful, but nice and quiet for the 99% of the time Im not giving it a squirt. Ill happily trade the couple of HP for daily comfort.

    A dyno engineer once told me very plainly, if you need a loud exhaust to get the power you want, your engine just isnt making enough power in the first place.

  12. Errrr... and this is different to all the riders on restricted licences putting absurdly loud exhausts on their 250s how? CBR250RRRRRRR would be the worst offenders.
  13. How's an aftermarket exhaust system on a decent car any different from having one on a bike? Both my car and bike have one, both are there for the same purpose and both give me a buzz when i fire them up.

    How bout those mets?
  14. Exactly what I was going to say...

  15. highly agreed ^^^^
    and yes.. that pot is calling its mates black..mmm.
  16. Yeah these ricers piss me off alot - not the car, but the way some of them weave in and out thinking they're such good drivers and are magically getting through traffic seamlessly - when in reality they're cutting a million people off and causing people to brake hard over and over again.

    If they're driven skillfully though I have no issues - but only the minority of these sort of drivers have any skill.

    I dont like nasty sounding exhausts on these sort of cars, I mean v8s for sure keep them loudish they sound great, but no one needs to hear a crappy 4cyl family hatchback fart car chugging around.
  17. Its to warn motorcyclists that they're coming ;).
  18. Funny thing was I had a GSXR1100 waterbottle with a Yoshi on it that sounded just like a 4-cylinder Magna with a fully sick system on it.

    It was embarrassing until you got up it, which was ill advised it the traffic.
  19. That is a completly different story. I am bagging cars here, not bikes. I dont mind loud bikes. Plus, IMO my bike looks the part, so the sound suits.
    Good sound on a good looking car is great. Just not on the shitty little ones.
  20. Bikes by nature are performance machines.
    For something that has an engine only a tad bigger than a lawnmower, a 250 bike pulls a LOT of power out if itself.
    The nature of bikes are significantly different to cars. Cars are seen as everyday transport A to B vehicles.
    Bikes are associated with speed, power, sound, risktaking etc etc
    Thus having a loud exhaust on a shitty bike ain't near as bad as having a loud exhaust on a shitty car.

    Although the noise and lack of greater acceleration on a 250 with an aftermarket pipe does get annoying after awhile.