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Loud Pipes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Nine Volt Heart, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Couldn't think of the "right" thread/forum for this so hopefully here will be okay.

    I posted a note to 'Hubie' on ask police regarding the law and loud pipes. (check for his full response) I said that I believed loud pipes can save lives, but 'Hubie' has a contrary/opposing view, basically saying that if you can be heard before being seen, it's too loud. I'd be interested in other riders' views on this subject.
  2. Loud pipes!

    - makes other drivers more aware of your presence.
    - sounds cool.
    - sets off overly sensitive car alarms... usually in modified jap cars.

    - might be borderline for noise pollution illegality and cause you grief from the cops.
    - might be unreasonably loud and unkind to your neighbours, depending on what time you leave and get home.
    - it's difficult to talk to your mates at traffic lights.

    But it's pretty much 'Bonus pt to your safety' vs 'Noise pollution'.
  3. My pipes are loud enough but still didnt attract this driver's attention when he turned in from side street yesterday. Luckily I sort of anticipated this tool may turn and I slowed down a tad.
  4. Loud pipes won't make a difference if you're heading down the road at 80k's or whatever and a driver is going to pull out in front of you. With the amount of sound deadening that is in cars these days, designed to block out the outside noise, along with a radio/cd player/ipod thingy blaring inside, they won't hear you.

    Yes they sound cool, but I'd say they do SFA to help your safety on the road.
  5. i disagree ^^^ when im in my car with the stereo on u can still hear that harley 200m away or the bloke with his big D&D slipon. It just makes you aware that a bike is around before you can spot them in your mirrors
  6. I find the time loud pipes are most useful is in stationary/slow moving traffic - specifically when you are splitting. Lets people know that you are there and are coming.

    This isn't from my perspective of riding with loud pipes, this is from a perspective of driving and hearing them, giving me a chance to move over and be aware of them.

    At higher speeds stereo, wind and engine noise tends to block out all the the loudest of pipes so it isn't as useful there. But 60kmh and below is when they're useful.
  7. When I'm driving in the car, I actually like loud pipes on bikes because Yes: I get to hear them before I can see them, so I know to be on the look-out.

    I DON'T like loud pipes at 3am when I'm trying to sleep in my bed, but that's the only situation I object to them. Apart from that, whether you think they're useless or not is the same argument as spoilers on Hondas: if the owner wants it on there, he can put it on there & that's his choice.
  8. The safety aspects of louder pipes is always debateable, but personally, I think they DO make a rider overall, more noticeable.

    Pedestrians can hear you coming, and the more alert riders might hear you before you get right up to them...especially in slow traffic or while filtering etc.

    We ARE hard to see alot of the time, so if hearing me helps make up some of that 'invisibility', I'll take it.

    In any case...sports pipes are louder for the simple reason that they are designed to allow less restriction of the exhaust flow, for the purpose of providing more power etc. The noise is merely a by-product of that.
  9. I know one thing. Mine are sending me deaf.

    Yes I wear earmolds :(
  10. ...or in the case of Harley's with those 'orrid slash-cut straight-through pipes. Their purpose is as a means to create more noise, without the irritating by-product of more power. :p

    Loud pipes seem to work best when in slow-moving traffic, which is also incidentally when most cars are prone to change lanes with minimal warning. Every time I've bought a new bike I've noticed a general increase in the number of cars that try to merge into me, as opposed to when louder pipes are fitted, and then the problem is non-existent for all but the most obtuse/dangerous drivers, which you can usually spot well in advance anyway due to their driving style. I then ride around largely unaffected by cars trying to occupy my space until the next time I buy a new bike with a quiet stock exhaust, and notice that the problem with cars wanting to merge on top of me resurfaces. Stick on louder pipes. Problem goes away again.
  11. I'd prefer a quieter exhaust on the Minja, it keeps yelling "look at meeeeeee" to all the coppers when I pull wheelies.
  12. ahahahaha...yeah... :LOL:
  13. you sure it's not the wheelies themselves that do that loz? :p
  14. I got my pipes cause they sound full of HORN. They're not overly loud, and the V4 delivers a guttural roar. I love 'em. I particularly love the POP they make when they suck cooler air back in. That gives me major wood!

    I didn't buy them with any kind of "it's for my safety" BS statement in mind. But if the extra volume alerts a cager then good luck to me. I'm not saying that the noise they make is NOT heard, all I'm saying is that was never the motivation to get them.

  15. I like quiet, I'm probably one of the few here that would be interested in some sort of high performance electric bike one day.
  16. your pipes verge on the ridiculous, tres sexy, but ridiculous nonetheless!
  17. Indeed.

    And they are getting louder by the day. The glass is well and truly screwed :grin: