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Loud pipes save lives.....

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Black Magic, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. .....because you will end up without a license eventually! :roll:

    I absolutely love the sound of my new exhaust, (couldn't be happier with it)


    legally it is WAY too loud.

    I knew this before it was fitted, but I didn't realise the amount of attention it would attract.

    I have had a few instances now (like when the cop pulled up right next to me at the servo and I had to push my bike out of his line of sight to start it and take off :oops: )


    At the intersection where there was a cop car sitting at a red light coming in the opposite direction. I was sitting idling (as quitely as possible with the clutch pulled in), when I took off they watched me ride past very intently, but were obviously off to lunch as they didn't follow.

    I have had to pull the clutch in and let off the throttle while riding a few times now to avoid attracting trouble.

    Anyway- long story- short question-

    1.How do I have the noise level tested to see how much too loud it is?
    (Somewhere in Brisbane??)

    2. How do I keep the same exhaust sound but lower the decibles?
    I have heard of baffles? Somewhere in Brisbane again? About how much? Will it affect performance?
  2. My trail bike was REALLY loud and the neighbours didn't like it too much at 5.30am :LOL:

    I jus put in some restrictor "baffle" from staintune( muffler manufacturer) and now it is only LOUD!!! :cool: :cool: It just screws into the tail pipe.

    With my Hornet, I really like the quiet grumble she makes, especially when you open her up.

    Get in touch with your muffler maker and see what they suggest or just put your old one back on :LOL: :LOL:

  3. You should be able to get a restrictor fitted to the exhaust. Basically it's like a washer stuck in the pipe between the factory headers and the muffler itself, or you can get a smaller section of pipe joining the headers to the muffler.

    It will slow down the gas flow and therefore reduce the noise level slightly.
    This in itself is a simple fix for ANY exhaust shop, so the local car one should be able to do it.

    My recommendation would be to get them to bend up a new length of joining tube rather than weld in a restrictor. That way you still have the full TBR system should you decide it's too loud and you have to sell it. Once you butcher any part of the kit it becomes near impossible to sell.

    If this is insufficient, the muffler itself can't easily be modified without destroying its inherant characteristics and given the finish on the TBR system I doubt it could be reassembled to the same quality.

    You may be able to find an exhaust place who can do it but it will probably set you back a heap of money. The bike exhaust place in Slacks Creek is probably the only one I know here in brissy who I'd let do it.

    Other than that if it is too loud for you then you're probably better off trying to sell it.
  4. yep i know the problem wendy...... :LOL: yeah normally just pull the clutch in as i idle past cop cars or put it up a few gears and it normally helps quite the noise slightly, not the idea solution but it's worked so far :wink:
  5. The motorcycle exhaust shop in slacks creak can make you a removable baffle and noise test the bike
  6. I got my baffle removed (from previous owner) I noticed when I rev above 6k it starts to get loud and people would start looking around for what the noise was from. Everytime I pass a cop I would try to keep my revs below 6k and about 1/3 of the actual noise wouldnt b there.

  7. larger bikes (espically twins) can/do rattle windows at idle....and if your bike does that at 2-3k most people know when you are coming :LOL: :wink: never mind just below 6k :LOL:
  8. If you enjoy the sound (I would!) just keep it on and if you get a defect notice (not as common as you'd think, they need a sound tester with them to do anything about it!) then put stock pipe on, pass the test, after market back on..
  9. noooooooooo... damn it i haven even heard the damn exhaust yet.
  10. I read this part, did a double-take, then realised you're on a 250.

    6k+ on my bike = "Hello, officer, was I speeding???" :grin:
  11. Wendy, the cops might be looking at your exhaust, but I'd bet it's not the one on your bike they're interested in. ;)

    If the other one's too loud, you'll have no shortage of volunteers to stick a 'baffle' in it. :grin:

    I'm here all week, try the roast beef.
  12. And we go from tech to feral in one post.
  13. Geez-

    Just got back on here and what have I been missing!
    All sorts of offers to help me with my troublesome pipe! :rofl:

    *I promise to keep the exhaust on for you to hear it Wardie before I do anything.

    * Thank-you Tanya and DT for suggestions on how and where to get my exhaust attended to (that don't involve plugging it up with male rider's body parts!) :LOL:

    * Thank-you Loz for your suggestions on how to cure my frustrating problem! :wink:

    *Phizog and Stewy- living dangerously and using the old eyelid flutter accompanied by "But officer, I didn't know it was illegal- the boy's made me do it!" may be a very tempting option! :LOL:

    (BTW Stewy- my bike makes my TEETH rattle at idle- never mind the windows! :shock: :cool: )
  14. Keep the pipe
    Screw the cops!
  15. Ah- I think I will just keep the pipe. :shock:

    (My father was a cop for 35 years- and I haven't met too many that would qualify as relationship material! :p )
  16. Typical woman..................who mentioned relationships????????? :rofl:
  17. How long have you been married Jeff??? 20 something years wasn't it?? :wink:

    Who's laughing???? :LOL:
  18. If you don't want permanent baffles put in and if you want a quieter ride, an old dirt bike trick was to roll up some chicken wire and push it up the exhaust..
    You get to keep the low loud rumble without the "blatt" as you wind it up through the revs...

    You can pull it out again easily if you want the attention.
  19. you know, i have loud pipes.
    very loud

    and so far I have not even been questioned about them

    I was even pulled over in Strathalbyn for a licence check on father's day, and the cop said 'now I'm going to check your bike for defects' and all he did was look at the tyres.

    I wear my pipes loud & proud.