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Loud pipes save lives..

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by rc36, May 18, 2010.

  1. ...apparently. At least one person hasn't bought it!!


  2. Join my facebook group - Loud Pipes SAVE Lives (creater is Holly Lowercase - me... obviously...) and it's got a sweet looking set of pipes as the photo.

    That person is obviously an idiot which is why they put it on a public bin rather than their own - they know it's stupid thus can't own up to it linking it back to themselves!
  3. the rubbish bin's got a point though, 'loud pipes' doesn't mean you wont bin it.

  4. Feel free to disagree. You're wrong, but I defend your right to be wrong. It's available as a bumper sticker and I'm going to buy a bundle of them and go and put them on all the obnoxious, ear-bleedingly loud Harleys in my area.
  5. Is that your bin rc36? The locals been shooting at you again bud?
  6. Oh, there's loud pipes and then there's "I just became deaf because of some bomb going off type loud noise" loud.

    Harleys are too loud. Obviously, there should be a limit, but the current limit in place is too low and does not cater in for the lack of people seeing us at present. (They need to hear us too!)
  7. Loud pipes are effective in the sense of the warning they give drivers... my twin akrapovic rocket-launchers have saved me several times.
    Though, they ARE loud.... I NEVER ride without earplugs !
    Makes me wonder though - do ALL Harley riders wear plugs too ?
    'What???' I hear those without ask... ;)
  8. The bin makes a good point. You're still going to fall off if you don't know what you're doing, ear shattering pipes or not.
  9. #9 Deadsy, May 18, 2010
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  10. WTF ?????
    Bwahahahahahaha.... GOLD !
  11. AWMIGAWD!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA hilarious!
  12. Disappointing noise for the size & the guy can't do a burnout for shit!
  13. this interests me - but has does anyone know of any DATA on noise and whether it improves safety?
  14. Din not RC36 have an aftermarket pipe on his VFR?
    I bet it wasn't as quiet as the original.
  15. It's a Staintune with the baffle in. It's only fractionally noisier than the standard muffler and, anyway, I never claimed it made the bike safer. I just like the mellow burble it makes.
  16. This rubbish bin seems quite popular, maybe I should meet it.
  17. oh come on, loud pipes are never going to be a replacement for roadcraft. start relying on your exhaust to keep you out of sticky situations and you wont be long finding out that some people will never notice you, no matter how loud or visible you are in your own opinion.
  18. What a load of bum dribble this thread is.

    Nobody claimed a loud pipe is enough on it's own to save your life. :blah: