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Loud pipes save lives? A canadian wanker's view

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BulletProof, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. [CA] Loud pipes save lives?

    Someone with a different opinion - also a rider. Read till the end..

  2. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    "To those people, I say “please don’t.” Nobody wants to hear it, and nobody is impressed. Everyone beside the road can hear you mess up a gearchange, and absolutely everybody who is assaulted by your noise will assume — whether you’re male or female, it doesn’t matter — that you have a really small penis."

    Cool. When I start living my life to impress other people, I'll be sure to give two shits.
  3. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    That was a lot of words to say

    "... loud pipes DO NOT save lives ..." and if you disagree "... you have a really small penis ..."

    The way I view it is that the biggest deciding factor of how safe you are rests on your own shoulders. Your own observation skills, your risk minimisation strategies, your riding skills, your experience and to a much lesser degree, your ride.

    Of course, there are some situations that are going to be outside of your experience, training and skills that you're not going to be able to directly minimise the risk of an accident happening, but of course that's why we wear helmets and appropriate gear - because its just the smart thing to do.

    You can't rely on any one single thing to be a safer rider, but the addition of many little things can add up to pushing you towards the "living" end of the bell curve rather than the "injured or dead" end.

    Noisy pipes are one of those things you can't really call a safety device, but I do think they can contribute somewhat to your visibility, especially in heavy traffic. Anyone who rides will have noticed that in a lot of stop start traffic, drivers often perceive the space around a motorcycle as a "gap" and will try to fly into that gap, perhaps when pulling up at lights or when sitting in plain view of their mirror just behind them in the next lane.

    A loud pipe can help them notice you, and make it less likely that they will do that. Anecdotally, my GSX650FU was pretty much silent and now that I have the marginally louder Sprint, I find that the occurrence of this has reduced significantly. I also noticed that the occurrence dropped to 0 when riding a stupidly loud Suzuki DR650, though it was obvious that it was far more annoying to people.

    It is of course not guaranteed; the sound is muted ahead of you, and of course the occupant may be listening to music or be completely deaf as well as legally blind.

    So, some people fit them because they feel safer in traffic. Other people fit them because they think they sound awesome. I think either reason is just as valid as the other, as is the choice to not fit a custom pipe. Nobody should be under any illusion when fitting a louder pipe that they are instantly "safer" because of it.

    At the end of the day, if the pipe is legal, but you're annoyed by it, then deal with it. I am annoyed by a lot of things that people do in public, but I don't write a whole article whining about it in a major national magazine.
  4. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    A number of times I have been in close proximity to a car, and realised they are about to cut me up; a rev of the exhausts is generally enough to make them realise I am there, and is at least as effective as my horn (which isn't effective).
    People know I am coming; no fear of that.
  5. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    Thing is, there is a huge gulf between a legally quiet motorcycle and a H-D with 200mm of drainpipe hanging out of each head and being wound up or unnecessarily revved. The former sound feeble and, petrolhead that I am, I've become somewhat sick of the latter. I live on a crossroads that is used by hundreds of bikes on a sunny weekend and otherwise stock cruisers with open pipes are esily the loudest, especially when ridden by dickheads who consider that a sleepy townsite street is a dragstrip. Mind you, the unlicensed kids on unmuffled motocrossers hurtling up and down are a pain in the arse too.

    However, the gap in the middle contains an awful lot of bikes that may not be legal to the letter of the law but are far from offensive in most circumstances. Certainly, the vast majority of four-strokes can be ridden reasonably quietly, and should be where it's appropriate.

    As for the safety aspect of a loud pipe, I think it does help you to get noticed. However, if you ever rely on being noticed, however much noise you are making, you will, eventually, find out that you were wrong.

    None of the above is going to stop me putting a SuperTrapp on the DR, but it will have a road baffle, and just enough discs to give it a decent bark when used in anger but allow me to start it up to go to work without annoying my neighbours too much.
  6. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    Hmmmm does the learned writer :jerk: have an equal opinion on the loud and obnoxious exhaust pipes attached to the plethora of wannabe-but-never-will-be rally driver/drifter's vehicles? We've all seen them, cars that are literally all song and no dance that feature an exhaust pipe the size of the channel tunnel attached to an engine no bigger than some of our motorcycles resulting in an acoustic outcome the equivalent of a goose farting (unsatisfyingly no less) in the fog. I'm not saying that an open pipe isn't loud, I'm not for a moment suggesting that it is an appropriate safety device, what I am saying that it no worse than a stock Lancer equipped with a Rallyart sticker, a book shelf for a spoiler and a sewage pipe size exhaust.

    Perhaps MARK RICHARDSON WHEELS EDITOR needs to learn the meaning of people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
  7. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    Time for some new "sig"-age

    Thanks Jester!

    Fun Ha!
  8. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    So this isn't wheels Australia? Pfft

    Pat's right however. The over the top Hardley crowd don't do the rest of us any favours.

    Personally I think my own bike is a little too loud. about 3db above legal would be perfect IMO.
  9. Loud pipes save lives?

    Darlings I delight in aural pleasure, my dear chum from Zero Motorcycles
    (producers of electric sportsbikes among others) mentioned to me that their 2012 road bikes will be produced with speakers bearing 10 preprogrammed sound variants including the delicious Ferrari 430 and a Shelby Cobra........
  10. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    I think there's a middle ground where a bit of volume gains a bit of attention. I certainly noticed a difference when I changed the CB400's bloody quiet stocker for a legally loud (just) Moriwaki.

    That said, the Harley's that rattle the fillings out of your teeth from a half mile back are just plain obnoxious.

    It's supposed to be an exhaust "note" not an exhaust "blast"
  11. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    I'm a grumpy old man too (at the ripe old age of 26), does anyone have this guys email address?

    Perhaps I, too, could be the editor of a car magazine...
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  13. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    Sweet, off to get me a job as a grumpy old man ;)
  14. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    someone needs to give these people a real problem to biatch about i think. like a war.
  15. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    I'll get right on that, got any black market arms?

    We might need some silencers though...

  16. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    Or herpes.
  17. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    Give the gift that keeps on giving. & spreading.
  18. Re: Loud pipes save lives?

    Maybe the sound proofing is good when I'm in the car, but with the music on and the windows closed - I can barely hear a harley.

    Having been riding for 6 years, a section of which was after I came back to my bike having been tipped and a gash in the exhaust big enough to put my hand in - I've ridden both very loud and very quiet bikes and I get the same amount of people trying to kill me in all situations.

    If loud pipes really do help, it's a tiny, tiny amount - way behind taking it easy on the road, not pushing it unnecessarily, riding defensively, and of course experience. If it really made much of a difference, we'd all have reverse beepers attached to the ignition circuit.

    In reality, I think we just like nice sounding bikes - and people use "loud pipes to save lives" in a feeble attempt to convince the nanny state to stop regulating everything.
  19. Changed title to reflect the author for accuracy as I thought it was australian
  20. I propose we change "Canadian wanker" to "snowbound polar bear molester"