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N/A | National Loud pipes DO save lives

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by [FLUX], Jul 21, 2011.

  1. karma is a biatch. Poor electric bike
  2. I remember skiing in Zermatt which doesn't allow petrol or diesel vehicles in the villiage having similar problems with the electric taxis and trucks. Post had a bell or some form or another which would alert people to their presence but some didn't and accidents with pedestrians ensued.
  3. Yep because a pushbike has never hit a IC motorbike?
  4. they should both be banned from the roads
  5. IIRC, TonyE has told us, on many, many occasions, that it is very rare.
  6. But if pipes save lives then it should never happen.
  7. Your logic is completely idiotic, the adage is "Loud pipes save lives" not "Loud pipes ALWAYS save lives"
  8. ...and it's not the first time.
  9. I was following the logic of the op, the logic of that was that the collision occured with the ev because it didnt have loud pipes but now you are saying that isn't true.

    But you are obviously not smart enough to keep up idiot
  10. Don't speak for me mate.

    The article was about quiet vehicles, and that this has the effect that this increases collisions. That this happens is not in question, otherwise manufacturers of vehicles would not be engineering in artificial noise makers in order to reduce accidents.

    The point being that the aural sense is a factor in reducing accidents. The point being that the noisier something is, the greater the chance is that someone will hear it. The point being that people who fit noisier pipes themselves notice a reduction in people merging on top of them. The point being that the article describes a merging accident whereby one vehicle did not hear the vehicle in their proximity.

    If you can't understand that, then calling other's an idiot is a severe case of the pot calling the kettle black.
  11. Sound has nothing to do with it obviously the person on the bike didn't look to see if anything was coming.
    Stupidity strikes again.
  12. your topic says "loud" which manufacturers are creating devices that create more than standard vehicles.

    In fact which manufacturer is doing it at all. Zero don't. Brammo doesn't. Vectrix didn't. Tesla doesn't. Even the hybrids don't. How many prius are now on the road- where is the carnage.

    If you want to make statements that have no backup don't whinge if you get called on it.
  13. There is no point debating something with someone who fails at logic so completely. You've made your invalid point Vertical C. Everyone who is capable of clear and logical thought has dismissed it, and yet you continue to prattle on in some self-delusional belief that if you say it often enough such that people give up arguing with you that you've someone won the debate. Instead, everyone is just rolling their eyes. Only fools continue to argue with those who are incapable of understanding. May as well try to teach a dog calculus. Eventually people know it's a pointless exercise and give up.

    Added you to my ignore list. Very few people make it there, but you've succeeded.
  14. Plus one
    Can't believe that someone who decided to buy a DR650 could have so little sense, puts the rest of us DR650 riders to shame.
  15. I honestly don't care if loud pipes save lives, all i know is that loud pipes are FRIGGIN AWESOME and that they are ****ING SICK BALLS.

    I would rather die than not have loud pipes.

    Therefore, loud pipes save lives but not how we originally thought.
  16. You sir, are epic
  17. For verticals benefit

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  18. I never said that some noise doesn't save lives, just that loud noise doesn't save lives. Where does it say that this noise emitting device makes more than 94 db?

    No one answered why we havent yet seen it on a production electric motorbike if it is such an issue.

    People like to make loud noise to stand out, it's that simple nothing to do with safety.