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Loud pipe saved a learner from a world of hurt

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by smee, May 22, 2010.

  1. Not a vent but an observation

    A learners loud pipe certainly saved him from injury last night.
    I parked my car outside the local fish and chip shop when this guy came screaming up between myself and the cars in the right lane (legal manoeuvre) but done at such a rapid speed that if I hadn't heard his little bike screaming at the top of it's rev range with its after-market pipe I would have opened my door and most likely collected him and it would have been my fault even though when I was going to leave the car the coast was clear.
    Ideally his situational awareness should have been such that cutting into the left lane where cars are parked in shopping strip on a main road at warp speed is not very wise.
    By all means do it but do it carefully as anyone can open a door and it would be hard to see when it is dark.

  2. Yeah happened to me once - in a slightly different situation.

    I was going very slowly between parked cars on left, and stopped cars on right waiting for traffic lights. I was paying so much attention to making sure no one in the parked cars were about to open their door, that I didn't notice (and even if I was looking I probably wouldn't have noticed) a guy in the stopped traffic opening his door. I now have a white mark, 2 years later, on my exhaust pipe from it.

    I was freaking out, cops house just down the road, but the guy and his mum were SO apologetic and wonderful, and didn't care as they couldn't see any damage to their car.

    NEVER again have I filtered between stopped and parked cars. Only ever in the middle of two stopped lanes.
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  4. At the risk of being trollish, my view is Loud Pipes Save Stupid Lives.

    If you're putting yourself in the position of Smee's learner from the OP, then you're going to come unstuck one day and your loud pipes won't save you. We've all seen the doof-doof commodores or pulsars, and the morons who filter out everything that's going on around them while talking on their mobile.

    I'm glad Smee heard the bike coming - it's always a biatch replacing the door on a car, the colour never quite matches up... but loud pipes are no substitute for good roadcraft.
  5. OK I need some help people. I want to:
    1. put the most silent exhaust system on my bike that is possible
    2. embed an uber-powerful speaker in the exhaust somewhere
    3. play the soundtrack of this clip at 100 dbs!!!
  6. Not trollish.

    However, I do disagree. Long gone are my days of hooning and being an idiot. It's all out of me and I ride very calmly and smoothly to work. However, even with the right positioning, speed and constant scanning, there's STILL people who fail to see me from behind, beside and in front.

    I believe loud pipes would save me from this to a degree.
  7. You may very well be right.

    I think my point really is that if you rely on your loud pipes, you'll come unstuck. They may well be a useful tool in the rider's arsenal. I just believe that there's no substitute for militant paranoia ;)
  8. Well said! Never something one should rely on, however, extraordinarily helpful :D=D>
  9. Well in the case of the learner the loud pipe did save my car door. ;)
  10. And a car door worth saving indeed :D

    I definitely agree with Loud Pipes SAVE Lives!
  11. that bin puts it perfectly in this case. If his loud pipe saved his life/smee's door, imagine how much learning how to ride the bike could help.
  12. Loud pipes are but one in the arsenal of safety we have at our grasp, I would never rely on it outright but would fight to the death to keep it.
  13. i like that there are bullet holes in the bin?
  14. I love my loud pipe...while a bit of drain on long journeys, there is nothing like blipping the throttle as I filter through heavy traffic. On my previous bike, I occasionally had problems from idiot drivers whose ego was offended - with an aftermarket pipe making the bike sound like a cross between a Harley and Ducati (and the best bits from both), zero problems in 18 months of daily commuting. Zip, nada. People just let me through...