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Loud Horn

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Although the horn on the RF isnt to bad I'd like something LOUDER.
    I dont think I have enough room for air trumpets :cry:
    Any thoughts on a type or brand of horn that will shake the ear wax out of a doof doof cage driver?

  2. Go to a wrecker and ask for a set of FIAMM electric horns off a BMW. Or buy the same horns new at a good auto-parts place. They will not quite wake the dead, but they will pick up dozy pedestrians and deposit them on the footpath.

    (Get an auto-electrician to wire them in through a relay, too.)
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  4. Love the link, too, mate; by the picture there they ARE the FIAMMs of which I was speaking :).
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  6. The only problem I had with air-horns when I had them on a car was if they are not used often, the first second (it feels longer) or so is taken up with the compressor getting up to pressure, by which time the need for a strident blast was gone.
  7. Old post I know.
    Do you need the whole horn assembly i.e wiring, relays, etc or just the horn disc that makes the sound and just chop the old one off and wire the new one in its place?
  8. If you really want some thing loud, consider an air horn, my friend has one installed on his bike, the small compressor and horn are hidden away under his seat, and boy...is it loud and manly!
  9. Yeh I fully need a decent horn, but on an Across? I have no idea whare an air horn would fit.
  10. Across? isnt that the bike with aquarium sized boot at the front?
  11. 2wheelsagain

    stuff buying the relay for $47.50.
    have a look at oatley electronics or another electronics store...30A automotive relay, $3.00
    The clips used to make the connections $4 for about 10,
    Wire....probably 70c/meter for figure 8 (twin wire).

    given those numbers, you can make up your own relay kit for $10...a fraction of what they are asking.


    Id love to do the same to my commuter 250, but I would probably shit myself if I hit the horn by accident.
  12. Great tip. Thanks. I say you should do it to your commuter as a "community service" :grin:
  13. i keep hitting my horn with my tank bag when manouvring to park... air horns would be touch embarassing :oops:
  14. Stebel or Nautilus air horn - 139 db.

    Only problem is when you use it - cars from everywhere get startled, and they ALL swerve.
  15. :rofl: I guess if that happens I should be holding the clutch in :p
    Thanks. Any idea of the power requirements?
  16. I wondered that too...scrolling down the bottom:

    Technical specifications:
    Sound Output: 139 dB
    Operating Voltage: 12 Volts
    Absorbed Current: less than 18A
    Fundamental Frequency: 530 Hz & 680 Hz
    Weight: 0.6 kg (1.3 lbs)
    Dimensions: 5.9" (150mm) x 4.4" (112mm) x 3.7" (95 mm)
    Reaction time: less than 90 milli-seconds

    That's pretty aggressive on the old current there! one will certainly need a 30A automotive relay (which appears NOT to be supplied with the kit). That's 216W of power you are putting into traffic. I'd be scared with those stats and the positioning that it would shake the hair off my balls.
  17. It might be a nice tingling sensation :grin:
    I haven't had time to investigate these. Thanks for the info dougster.
  18. hmm, somebody correct me if i'm wrong but if the above is the case, wouldn't this suggest that 'Drew's' spada has been dropped and thus the steering, handlebars or whatever is slightly outta whack?

    the horn should be close but not touching the tank at all!
  19. It would depend on the tank bag wouldnt it?
  20. were would u mount the sirens?