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VIC Loud Exhausts Unroadworthy?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BiG DaN91, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. After doing a lot of searching to find many different answers I figured I'd just post here

    so what is the go with loud exhausts in victoria?

    can you get fined? demerit points? or do they just make you go get it roadworthy tested?

    anyone know the actual law or have experience with this?
  2. I was told maximum was 94 decibels, I scrape in at 92. I had mine checked for piece of mind,

    If they think its too loud you get a fine.

    You definately get a notice to have it checked out, $55-00 I think it costs, and they take piccys of your exhausts now,

    Depends on how the cops feeling, If he is in a bad mood, You will get a lot more than the noise level,
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  3. Yep. Like having your bike impounded under the hoon laws for "excessive noise".
  4. I thought that was only if your doing burnouts, wheelies etc

    not just exhaust noise
  5. "Excessive" engine noise is part of the hoon legislation. Difficult to argue the engine noise isn't excessive when you've deliberately made it louder (certainly a lot of cars been done under the hoon laws for loud exhausts).
  6. isnt it more to do with excessive revving and improper use of vehicle?

    this is why i posted here

    does anyone have the actual link to the laws lol

    cmon justus!


    The following offences are also considered hoon-related offences if they are committed in circumstances involving the improper use of a motor vehicle:
    - Dangerous driving
    - Careless driving
    - Failure to have proper control of the vehicle
    - Causing the vehicle to make excessive nose or smoke


    "If the notice of compliance is not provided within the timeframe, further legal action including suspension of the vehicle's registration may be taken. Anyone who drives an unregistered car faces a $584 fine."

    are you allowed to swap back to stock exhaust to go and get a compliance certificate??
  7. people have been done for loud stereos in cars too.... how that relates to road safety has me stuffed.
  8. Cause you cant hear anything outside, like that truck coming at you.
  9. http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/en/your-environment/noise/motor-vehicle-train-and-tram-noise

    Individual motor vehicles

    It is an offence to own or use a vehicle that exceeds noise limits in the vehicle emissions regulations. EPA can require a vehicle to be presented at one of its approved motor vehicle noise testers to determine compliance with the limits. A list of EPA approved vehicle testers is available.

    A member of the public can report a noisy vehicle to the traffic management unit at their local police station. If a police officer assesses the vehicle as being too noisy, the vehicle will be referred to EPA for noise testing.

    The unreasonable noise provisions under section 48A of the Environment Protection Act 1970 also apply to motor vehicles on residential premises, such as vehicles left idling for a time or at a volume that could be considered unreasonable. The prohibited times in the Environment Protection (Residential Noise) Regulations 2008 do not apply to vehicles when moving in or out of the premises.

    Noise from recreational vehicles, mini-bikes and trail bikes used on residential premises, including large rural living allotments, is also included as residential noise and the unreasonable noise provisions of the Environment Protection Act 1970 apply.

    sounds like cops will just make you go and get a compliance certificate? if so can i change it back to the stock exhaust??

    dont think they would fine you for hoon laws unless you are causing excessive noise redlining etc
  10. It may distract other drivers. It's like people turning down the stereo to concentrate on finding a parking lot. Beats me how that makes any sense but I have noticed many of my friends doing it.

    ADR 83 - External Noise


    The db levels seem rather...low :-s
  11. What seems reasonable behaviour and what the legislation was originally intended for isn't terribly relevant to what they'll try and book you for if you come across the wrong copper on the wrong day.
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  12. Some people do that, because when the music's too loud, they can't hear themselves think anymore. Which means they can't properly concentrate on their task (finding a park) ;)
  13. I must admit, sometimes I do turn the music down if I have to concentrate, such as looking for house numbers which are camouflaged in the dark of night in a quiet neighbourhood. Parking however, not so hard to do with music pumping like a muzztech...
  14. So how come all the ridiculously loud and appalling sounding Harleys aren't continually being pulled over and sent to the EPA? No other bike or car makes as much "noise" as those things.
  15. This.

    What the intent of the hoon laws was is irrelevent. I know car owners who have definitely been done under the hoon law for an aftermarket exhaust - even though they were in fact trying to drive as quietly as possible.

    Cops know that if someone fits an aftermarket exhaust then 99.9% of the time it's purely so that they can make an excessive amount of noise at some point (I'm allowing 0.1% for those few people who only fit an aftermarket exhaust for track use, and use their track vehicle on the road).
  16. they get you to get it noise tested at a proper EPA facility. 100 bucks for the test. i think they can only major defect you so no fine. but you can get fined for riding contrary to a major defect notice, forget what it is though but I believe it has demerit points attached, 3 i think.
  17. yeah the DB levels are lower than many popular production cars from memory... if they actually tested them!

    i know loud music can be a distraction... but to class it as "hooning" and deem it worthy of confiscating your car instantly and crushing it after a couple of offenses is just bloody ridiculous.... that's what i was getting at.
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  18. depends on what kind of coppers you run into. some are reasonable and use common sense, some are over zealous and on a vendetta.
  19. Okay to answer the OP's question as far as specific laws go. Had trouble finding specific details on Victoria (always hard to find stuff on Victoria), but had a look at the South Australian hoon laws that Victoria basically copied. Under the SA laws the hoon act covers offences under section 44 of the Road Traffic Act, which makes it illegal to:
    So quite simple. If the cop thinks that you might be disturbing people in the vicinity there's nothing to stop them booking you under the hoon act (at least in SA, would still have to check how exactly the Vic laws are worded).
  20. You can get fined, but only by the EPA after you have been tested by them.

    No demerit points.

    You may be required to present your vehicle for noise testing if reported to the EPA, but you can only be reported by certain persons.