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Loud Exhaust - Pull Over

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by J_B, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Anyway, so I was on my way home Saturday night, dodging drunk pedestrians down little collins on my Motard and I had a yellow hwy patrol car behind me (knowlingly) - so I was on my best behaviour. But then had a slip of the mind and squirted the throttle whilst down changing. Those of you who know it, little collins is quite narrow and has tall buildings so needless to say it echoes.... Well! apparently this was cause enough to pull me over...

    "You havent done anything wrong, we just want to look at the bike, it sounds a bit loud"

    "No Probs, go right ahead and heres my licence" I said in my freindliest tone.

    Whilst checking my tyres and brakes I mentioned "Yea it echoes quite a bit in these narrow city streets"

    Reply: "NO, its loud"

    "Really? I hadnt noticed, tis a stock exhaust and pipe havent touched it"

    "Oh? well then on your way"

    Was I lucky?
    Whats the limit for noise - 90dB?
    If I am asked to go down to the EPA and my reading is below the limit, who pays?
    Surely theres plenty of showroom stock bikes above the limit?

    Oh well, ive learnt my lesson... dont squirt the throttle near law enforcement.


    PS.. BanditR1 - I told you so......
  2. nope.

    dba measure means less cylinders and lower reving bikes can have a "louder" exhaust note.

    Technically they are not louder, but the 'a' scale means that they register less often, so pass more easily. Their individual pressure waves can be much bigger.
  3. Close one, i guess, but surely the bike is ment to meet EPA levels with a stock pipe. Still its just one more thing to keep an eye on when you have a copper rolling behind you.
  4. if you get done it works like this.

    You are issued a notice to get the bike/car tested.
    you have 28 days from the date of issue (not receipt of the notice) to get the vehicle tested at an authorised tester. They provide a list of testers in your area.

    You get it tested/fixed and pay 28-35 bux cant quite remember which it is.

    Fax the notice to the epa and your done.
    If you pass, you still have to pay.
  5. Interesting.... Is there a logic behind this?


  6. No, cos then they'd be in breach of the ADR's and not able to be registered in Australia.

    Of course another thing to consider is that if your bike is too loud it's unroadworthy and as such probably not covered by it's insurance either as somewhere buried in the fine print will be a statement along the lines of the insured must keep the vehicle in a roadworthy condition.

    Please don't start going through insurance policies to prove me wrong.
  7. they have to have a reason to pull you over and request it be checked in the first place.

    If your close to the limit you have to just wear it.

    I assume that if you had something that emits very little noise you could probably argue the point with the epa. But it would really come down to them being nice or not.

    Your basically paying for the time it takes for the tester to test your vehicle and write up a report.
    The money does not go to the epa or the police.
  8. There's such a thing as logic to the law??
  9. You see, the authorities can not only inconvenience you, they can also charge you for the priviledge. The logic behind this is to remind you who's the boss.
  10. It echoes, you dont need a sound engineering degree to know that its sounds louder than it would in an open carpark or controlled environment.

    I assuming you mean close but above - otherwise thats still not logical

    Fair enough, but still not logical
    I can understand where my money is going, but somebody needs to realise where its coming from - ME. If I havent done anything wrong then the money needs to come from someone else - whoever has done something wrong or made a mistake... Im sure you can see where im going with this.

    But anyway, its all hypothetical but its nice to be prepared and well informed. Thanks everybody.


  11. My Ducati sounds like a B17 bomber on a low pass, and the po-leece have never blinked an eye. I also reckon 99% of HD's are over the limit. I sometimes think that maybe they just accept that some bikes are simply incapable of being quiet, and keep their tickets for those they believe can be.
  12. yeah harleys are frkn loud - big loud aircompressors. No offence to harley riders.
  13. +1 for Safety Pipes

    I'm sure no matter what can is on your bike, if you tell the cop it's the factory stock one (and it doesn't have the brand plastered down the side) they'll let you off.
  14. It sounds like you were pulled over for a general harasment check.
    But when you said you had stock pipes they guessed that you were going to be safe and so didn't want to appear to be the complete un-knowledgable bafoons they realy were.

    They probably had no idea at all if your pipes were truly loud or not, how could they realy know when inside a moving vehicle.
  15. Here in Vic if the EPA are doing roadside checks they will test you with their equipment and you will get an on the spot fine for $500 if you don’t meet the requirement.
  16. Damn I hate bored coppers, and we pay them for this *hit.

    They aint so eager to hassle H-D's.
  17. yeah. . good aint it :LOL:
  18. This is the reason you never get rid of stock exhausts.

    You have 28 days to get it tested, you go home change it to the stock one. Get it tested it passes. Fax your info in, a week later all cleared.
    Put other exhaust back on.
    They have no idea what pipe you had on at the time you go done :wink:
  19. I got done a few weeks back. I had the Staintune can on with no baffle in it. I got a letter in the mail saying I was observed in Lloyd street Kensington and it would seem that I had an excesively noisy or defective exhaust system. I put the baffle back in and had it tested and failed because the bike poped through the exhaust when he backed off and the new law states that it must be below 94db at all times during the test. The can was measured at 93db so would have passed. I put the stock can on and had it re tested at another exhaust shop. When I pulled in to the shop the guy testing said that it sounded a bit loud and when I told him it was the stock can he just gave me a pass. The stock can would have failed with the exhaust pop. I rang the EPA and asked who would pay for the test when it come back as a pass and they said I would have to pay. I asked for a hearing test report from the EPA officer that deemed my bike to be loud and she told me that he was very experianced and had been doing the job for years. Where I got detected was on a street that has 3 rail bridges over it one of those is like a tunnel. No electronic device was used just the officers discretion. Only a police officer or EPA officer can file a complaint against you.
  20. Keep your report incase it happens again, and just send that to them.

    OR if you get such a letter in the future, send them a letter back denying it was you. Say they must have recorded the number-plate incorrectly, because you were not riding that day [ie.]

    If it's simply a written record - you may get away with it.
    If your bike was photographed, could be a different story.