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Loud engine click on my VTR250 when cooling down

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by freaksauce, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Is this a normal occurance when the engine is cooling down? If I ride home from work (only a 10 min slow ride) the engine is barely warm so by the time I have parked, taken off my helmet and started walking to the lifts I hear a loud click, hopefully not a crack but that kind of sound. It only happens once and its not like the creaking that my car makes as it cools off, should I be concerned? The bike only has 1100kms on the clock?

  2. Hot metal makes a slow tick, tick, sound as it cools. That's normal.
  3. You have a cricket, hitch-hiking under your seat :LOL:.
  4. It's the exhaust, it will have at least one slip joint, that is a pipe inside a pipe. Why do they do this? Because as the pipe heats up, it gets longer and if they didn't put that slip joint in, the pipe would eventually fatigue crack somewhere, usually at a bend.
    Go ride an old aircooled kawasaki four with a four into one exhaust, the collector under the engine makes all sorts of horrible cracking sounds!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Hey thanks Typhoon, I'm a complete n00b and mechanical retard so I was worried that it could be something that would eventually break, this a bit more reassuring!
  6. Could be "cool" oil running down inside the hotter parts of the engine, or like mentioned above, the metal engine parts expanding / retracting after the sudden stop of cool air passing over engine while riding. Is normal while running in.
  7. I stood and waited for the noise at the weekend and it definitely comes from the exhaust so it must be slip joint that typhoon mentioned, thanks guys :)