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Loud Bike = Respect?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kyba274, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. I find that since ive gotten a new pipe on the bike, peoples respect for me on the road has gone up 10x.
    Before, they used to change lanes into me, stare me down for lane splitting, open doors on me, not take notice etc etc

    Now with the loud twins thumping away, people even stop and stare, and ive seen lots of kids that stop and gape at my passing by...

    Looks like there is some truth to the old "get yourself an accoustic safety device" saying.

    the only downside is the slight headache after 2 hours of riding...
  2. Bikes are invisible, but everyone looks out for thunder.
  3. Southpark said it all
  4. What do you ride?

    Made a big difference when I slipped on some Leo Vince to the VFR, folks can tell you take your riding seriously when you have some tasty aftermarkets fitted!
  5. I'm not gonna start dropping fancy brand names or anything.. cuz I just have a stock cbr250 muffler on my vtwin (2-1 exhaust now)
    It was already louder than standard but it wasn't quite enough so I drilled out the baffles a fair bit

    Off throttle and cruising its no different but at low rpm and lots of throttle it sounds like a cruiser (louder than dad's xv750 even)
    Most likely a coincidence but since I did that its almost like everyone is trying to get away from me

    I really hope it stays this way

  6. You could always get a big stereo speaker on the back of your bike and play doof doof music. Of course, not near me - id just run you over :). Doof doofs **** me to tears.
  7. Yes loud pipes make you more "visible" in traffic, but it has nothing to do with "respect". Totally the wrong word to use.
  8. 'Resignation' to your anti-social actions would be a better word....
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    this x 100000 :LOL:
    the hilarity begins at 32 seconds....:LOL:
  10. Loud pipes = DIS respect in my book.
  11. Dont forget a big L for front of helmet
  12. And an 'Inconsiderate Arsehole' sticker for the back.
  13. Agree - consider what you are doing to the attitude of the drivers - next bike they see they'll think "oh, another antisocial ******** on a bike, why should I give way to him"... maybe not out loud, but subconsciously.

    Anyway, most drivers have the music up, windows wound up tight, air con going, and can't hear you until you're in their blind spot anyway, then you just scare the crap out of them and take away their reasoning skills.

    Any bike can sound good without being offensively loud, especially a twin.
  14. Well said I agree with you 100%
  15. Bah! I love the sound of my Tuono on the throttle and the on the overrun. This talk of disrespect for our fellow man just because we (me) like some manly noise is overly sensitive in my opinion.

    There are multiple good arguements for having loud pipes and just as many poor ones :)P) for having quiets pipes. It comes down to a sliding scales of what you prefer or can tolerate. I like loud ones up to a point, but please don't direct some weak rationale in my direction that I'm somehow being disrespectful of some dude in a camry because he can hear me over Lady GaGa.
  16. No. Loud pipes wake people and children up, disturbs their right to quietly enjoy their life in their home.

    The reason there are laws for having your bike/car relatively quite is because it really annoying for most people. The biggest single complaint to police is about noise. Loud noises annoy people. It's simple.

    If you have a bike that is excessively loud then you are an inconsiderate and selfish arsehole.
  17. Define what loud is, I'm sick of the wowsers carrying on like grannies, just as much as I'm sick of the posers who think shattering windows with their overtly loud bikes.
    What is an acceptable noise then? ( Stock pipes that are muffled into oblivion don't count)
  18. Really? Well if you say it it must be true...or it could just be a poorly thought out anecdote with no basis in reality. You're reality maybe, but not mine.

    Kindly provide the statistical evidence of this seemingly important truth.

    Define 'excessively loud'. Then, armed with that standard, arrange a time to drop over to my place and apply it to my bike. You may or may not find my bike 'excessively loud', I may or may not ask you to repeat your unfounded insult in person. We might cuddle, anything is possible.

    As it stands, silly angry person, I would not say that mine is 'excessively loud', just loud. Since my neighbour is a Senior Constable I'm in a fortunate position to know right away if my bike would be considered too loud or not.

    Like I said previously, oh great protector of the children, I like my bike to be loud, I'm ok with Sharon hearing me over Beyonce and people like you need to get off the soapbox...wait I didn't mention the soapbox, so consider it mentioned.

    Now, about that standard?
  19. Stock pipes are designed to be used for a maximum of 2months whilst finding your preferred exhaust note. Leaving this 10kg piece of poo on after this period should be punishable by firing squad. Riding with a full aftermarket system at night in a residential area is inconsiderate. You should really be hitting the limiter as well.

  20. I'm glad we agree on one thing: Children aren't people.