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Featured 'Lotto' Neo Cafe, WIP kinda build of such

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by KustomCandy, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. So here we are with a second build. New bike, all new direction.

    The previous bike, A 09 650 V-star that I had planned to build a quick low budget Bobber project based from a VIV labeled bike all came to a grinding halt.... Take two.

    Considering my options. I decided to start afresh. I Headed for Elizabeth st with cash in one hand and my helmet in the other. T his GT650 had the look.... I could work with.. Paid up, signed the paperwork and headed outa town, with a bare min of idea on which path to head for home..

    Other then a pretty notchy gear box. Its a pretty fun bike to ride.
    Not mine. But close to as I brought it.
    2011_Hyosung_GT650_ IMG_0189.

    It didn't take long before, I needed to "Chop" something. The rear License plate exstention looks plain ugly.
    I trimmed it all up to clean up the lower half.
    Those Bat wing rear handles too, removed. From there I wiped off those Factory Mirrors. Replacing with an old universal Enduro mirror.
    Cant flip the bars on these tree's with out extending the Risers. So I rolled them back some and adjusted my controls, moving them inboard and down.
    Fresh oil and air filter. We're rolling.

    How she looks so far..

    Clip-ons are on the cards. as are Bar end Mirrors. Move the pegs back. Remove Pillion Pegs. Build rear section/seat base. Paint..... If I can stop riding it long enough.

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  2. Reputation aside, the twin-spar frame has always looked good, and what you've done certainly enhances the looks!
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  3. this looks like it could get interesting, good luck, have fun, and post heaps of pics !
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  4. Thanks for sharing
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  5. looks good :)
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  6. Good to see another Hyo....

    I will be watching. Would love a close in shot of the rear to see how you have done that as inspiration for mine
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  7. :rolleyes:
  8. Now, now Steve VtecSteve Vtec

    That was quoted WAY out of context. Which is about normal really for NR.
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  9. images-15.
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  10. Even the bikes the right colour. Though im more into brunettes
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  11. Gotta remember this site doesn't always send notifications :(.

    So excuse my lateness.

    Been out riding at almost every opportunity I've had. Getting a feel for the bike and leaning how to navigate BEFORE leaving for your destination lol.

    Pics for you RussellDP
    GT650 rearchop .

    The reflector was much lower. I simply marked out my new location with a sharp nail to scribe. Used a Jigsaw to cut, then drilled a hole to reinstall the pesky reflector, and cleaned up the edges with a file and sandpaper.. The section removed is shown holding.
    It still looks all to.... Out their. Tho for now, its a lot cleaner then it was.
    GT650rearchop tail.

    Bike needs a pressure wash.. (Been riding to work, and its been wet down here)

    Thanks mate. Its a tricky one that many avoid I think. I have a few idea's. So I'll play around with cardboard and see where it all go's.

    Thanks. Pics will come. Im getting bored of the look already lol... Changes are coming.

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  12. Factory Clip-Ons...

    Attached Files:

  13. Clip-ons mounted. New mirrors too. Thankfully I didnt have to wrestle getting those bar-ends free (They glue the treads I hear). In the add, they had an un-assembled shot. I took a gamble that these would slot on over the Bar ends with ease... I was in luck!


    Now the Pegs feel kinda cramped with my 6' frame..
    Now I know you can buy the extension plates from the 'R' model.. But that's not Hot Rodding. And they look kinda cheesy too. So.....
    With one bolt removed (bottom bolt), I propped up one peg and sit on the bike for feel.. Im happy with it location. Take note of it location... Place my paper template behind the pegs using one bolt again, and mark my new location. Remove pegs. Take your paper template and line up your "Marked" hole location and use this as your Guide for the upper bolt location. Now we can determine what we can and cant remove...
    rs papertemplate.

    Trial fit your Paper templates is a good idea.. We're good to go. I then transfer this to a piece of scrap 16mm wood I had laying about.
    With a Jijsaw, cut as close to desired shape as possible, Drill my holes. Trial fit again.

    Bolted on. Take a seat and get a feel for the new position, just to make sure you are still on track.. Accuracy here is kinda inportant. Note how my Pegs will sit a good half inch lower then Factory "R" versions.. Cause I'm not a short ass. Or as flexible as I once used to be. This fits well.
    rs woodtemplate.

    Now, Its a Public Holiday... So I have to wait, before I can source some Allum plate. And SS Allen bolts.... Now, I'm thinking, speed holes in that plate too.
    More too come.

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  14. My older brother taught me as a pillion on his CBR600 Hurricane (late '80's model) to place my hands on the tank for a solid support to stop him having to hold back my own & his weight combined under hard braking. Use my forearms to grip his body to prevent falling off the back.
    I HATE those stoopid rear handles & never felt safe using them.
    They should be outlawed, imho.
  15. @Nimir.
    I think we are all individual about what feels right or safe.

    Small update. Been finalizing the extensions. Not happy with the design, I played around with a few idea's. Spent more time on my day off work butchering even more ply for the cause only to say, that sucks.
    Blank Alum plate had been ordered, delivered and is ready to scribe my final design... chop chop.
    I hope I can weld that Gear shift Rod.. Its magnetic, so I cant be far off.

    Other then Grips. I'll be pulling out the cardboard for template making next.

    trial templates.