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..Lottery winner sued by ex wife....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tweetster, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. ......A man who won more than $90 million in the Euromillions lottery will have to pay over $3 million to his estranged wife...

    ...Wendy is the mother their 13-year-old daughter but left Page for another man a decade ago...


    ..Ok, so it's a small amount of his winnings.. but it seems so damn wrong!! :-s
  2. I just read that and all I can say is WTF is up with the courts, is it run by absolute monkeys? I can understand if they awarded the pay to the daughter (which the father wanted in the first place) but I definately dont agree awarding it to that cheating money hungry B#*@%.

    It didnt seem like she particularly needed help, wasnt she a director of human resources of some sort? She definately wasnt out on the street begging for food.
  3. So he can't get his lawyers to strike up a deal where the money goes to his daughter only?
    Seems wrong to me
  4. Just another reason why men shouldnt marry.
  5. WHAT

    Any capital that has been arrived at completely independently of the previous partner surely has NOTHING to do with the previous partner?? How the hell did the wife contribute to the potential winnings?

    What a fracking joke.
  6. Welcome to the modern world of divorce 'settlements'...

    My ex wife (we had no children) sought an ongoing and indefinite order for $500 a week in 'spousal maintenance' plus 50% of any inheritence I might at some point get plus 50% of any superannuation payout (not the super we'd jointly accumulated, not the super I'd accumulated during the relationship but 50% of the super my employer hadn't paid in yet until I retired upon payout.).

    After an extended court battle we finally managed to get an order which capped the settlement as 'finalized' as at the date of settlement (although she got lots more than me for no obvious reason).

    It sounds to me like this poor guy never managed to get an order 'finalizing' payments.
  7. I'm amazed at the gall! One of my old GF's is now a lawyer. I made a joke that that marriage has gone out of fashion with everyone except Gen-Y and the gay community. She laughed at me (and my naivety) and said that feminism or no feminism, marriage was still definitely popular amongst female lawyers... I now see why.
  8. If he couldn't win the court case with the sort of legal representation that $87m can buy, I'd say there's more to this than we're being told.
  9. if my ex mrs won 90 mill, the first bloke id call is my lawyer, ask him how id go, if he said we can give it a crack, you better fugen believe im givin it a crack....
    but if it happened to me if be spewin. and i dont care what you lot say i reckon most would have a crack if they could.
  10. and im with what pat said, they always forget to mention alot of information in those sort of articles
  11. that is just f@#king bollocks!
  12. winning that kind of money can afford one have ones ex wife...disappear..ahem
  13. LOL =D>

    he should've moved to switzerland...or didn't he learn to run from her from the first divorce??
  14. forced him to turn to gambling to help him win back the money she took the first time
  15. ZXR12 sounds like you were lucky you had a decent lawyer.
    My old bird who i havent seen for years never put a dime into the family unit, always sponging off my dad, sister and i.
    Yet she earnt a lot of money... then had the audacity to try and claim 100% of the house and my old boys business assets (hardly worth much), AND to do a similar thing in spousal support. Basically to clean him out.

    She pushed for discovery and all her secret bank accounts over the years came to light... big mistake on her part. Dad said he would settle for 50% of everything given she actively attempted to hide her assets from the law...
  16. I had a good local solicitor who when he realised how nasty my ex was playing recommended a very good barrister from Melbourne, a female lawyer who specialised in divorce law.

    He flat out stated that it was often more effective when a female argued a case (which is wrong too IMO).

    None of this was anything even close to cheap.
  17. Did you win though?
  18. Define win.

    I wouldn't say so, I'd define it as merely managing to stop the worst of her (IMO) unreasonable demands from being granted.
  19. At the time of separation, there's arguable claim over how each has contributed to their combined wealth and this requires splitting up... but I don't get the whole "I'm going you for half your super" and spousal maintenance etc, particularly if no kids are involved and you both worked before, during and after the marriage. If a marriage lasts x years but you live multiple times x years apart with completely different separate lives, what possible claim can exist on each other?? Especially at retirement! This is insane.

    That's why the story in the OP blew me away. The win had absolutely nothing to do with the other partner or the previous marriage. Wonder why the dude settled out of court?
  20. I guess if you find yourself with $90 million, it might've been worth the $3.2 million to be rid of the biatch. Its only 3.5% after all. I think there was a line in a Rowan Atkinson stand-up set were he refereed to someone as being "the type of person people emigrate to avoid." If he's given her enough to deposit their daughter in one of those posh boarding schools the Poms have, so she can set up shop 3'000 miles away on the Costa Del Sol, it was probably money well spent.