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Lottery Scam!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by doyle, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Hey fellow Netriders....

    I'm now on a database overseas somewhere. Just received an official looking British Lottery Acceptance Form that entitles me to entry into the British Lottery Special Combination Series, including entry into the Spanish Lotto, the German Lotto and the Irish Lotto.

    WOW! I might win A$152 million dollars! All I have to do is send A$25.00 along with my credit card details!

    They even sent a stamped self addressed envelope for return mail to Switzerland. I'll send them something all right. Not my personal details or money though :wink:

    Makes me wonder how many of these are out there. One could easily be fooled. Very good quality and official looking document.

  2. i dunno....... could be legit, you should send your money (and a bit extra just to make sure) :grin:
  3. Really? I didn't get one of these letters, but someone else must have put my name down for me, as the Spanish lottery people sent me a letter the other month stating that I'd won a large sum of money, and all I had to do was give them my bank details so they could deposit it (they obviously didn't want to send a cheque)... too bad the expirey was over before I even got the letter... I could have been rich ;)
  4. What I find fascinating is that these lotteries have millions of dollars in prizemoney but still need to use gmail or hotmail email addresses.
  5. Take a shit in the envelope and send it back.
  6. Thought about that......the envelpoe is too small :LOL:
  7. Just smear a little bit of shit on the inside. That way it won't be obvious at a glance that the envelope contains something other than paper. :wink:

    Preferably also put in a shit smeared piece of paper in the hope that they'll pull it out and unfold it. :wink: