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Lotsa 5yr olds here

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Davo, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. I just started to notice how many 5yr olds are using this forum. Now I am no old cranky fart but shouldn't you be outside playing with tonka trucks and taking afternoon naps.

    Vic, I think this is something you should look at. Surely its not good to have all these kids in here on sunny days.
  2. mum said i can, and that it wont contribute to my childhood obesity.
  3. not sure if i'm committing e-suicide but it's just too funny!

    nice knowing you peeps :p
  4. I would like a note from your mum, please go get one now.

    Any other 5yr olds ?
  5. There's no point asking Vic about it; he's 86 :LOL:.
  6. joel siting in front of the computer wont contribute to childhood obesity anywhere near as much rumbos will :grin:

    this 5 year old is working atm.
  7. I read in a book that motorbikes are cool. Can you do a wheelie past my house please? :LOL:
  8. Its half past 9, get to bed NOW !!

    Damn kids these days...... when I was a boy :roll:
  9. its not quite dark yet, uncle Davo :(
  10. ..... if I have to come down there .... :cool:

    Wait till your mum gets home, boy are you in trouble.
  11. 9:46pm :shock:

    Weird place, that Mogo :LOL:.
  12. ...you had to walk five miles to school barefoot in the snow and carrying the horse because he only had two legs?
  13. Maybe we should put ktulu as main admin.

    I've heard he's good at detardation :cool:
  14. Thats discrimination against 5 year olds...
  15. Sorry nightgash but I don't reply to people with no age in their profile....... DUH!! I did.

    You must be 5, 5 year olds are tricky like that :cool:
  16. Don't tell the rockspiders, or we will be inundated by the bastards
  17. MVrog you did like I did and added a 1 after the 5 to trick people and make them think we are all grown up :cool: