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LOTS of Women's stuff - Size 10-12 - 14 Not riding anymore

Discussion in 'Archived' started by donski1, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. Perfect for a female getting into riding and not wanting to spend full retail dollars on everything or else for someone who is looking at kitting out their female pillion.

    I'm just not riding anymore and about to move interstate so it's all got to go.

    Here's the list; for photos or futher info on specific items, please either email me - donnapicton@hotmail.com or 0412 263 002.

    Its all in good condition.

    • Tiger Angel leather pants, Size 12 - $300
    • Shift leather jacket, black, large - $150
    • Rjays Paddock Stand - $100
    • Rjays Tank Bags x 2 - $45, $30
    • Draggins x 2 Blue and black, size 12-14 - $80ea
    • Jeans - Sartso Killer Butterfly kevlar, size 10 - $100
    • Dririder Jacket, red,
    • size 12-14. Super warm, armour upgraded - $120
    • Sidis Boots, womens, size US -7 Euro - 40 - $100
    • Shoei Helmet TZR black/white flowers, med - $150
    • RXT Helmet, silver/black, lge - $40
    • Dririder Velocity Gloves, mens small $50
    • Velocity Gear Back Protector, med - $45

    It can all be viewed/tried on in Woodend - 45 mins north of Melb. Great riding country! I head off interstate on the 7th May, so it needs to happen before then.
  2. This gear is all still actually for sale......
  3. Not the right sizes for me but good luck with the sale :)
  4. Had trouble with netrider people & my mobile number, and that was when I only gave it to a few people. They gave it to someone else etc and then I get messages from people I would prefer not to have my number. It's an awful lot of effort to go to to change a mobile number.

    I would only give my mobile number in a PM and then that would be my 2nd number & not my personal number. Just a bad personal experience.

    So can we expect to see your number in your signature anytime soon :whistle:
  5. Mobile numbers are allowed in classifieds only as it's in the members only section. It's up to the OP to decide whether they do so.
    End of the matter.
  6. Wondering if the gear is still for sale?
  7. Yep, still for sale
  8. Ok will do. Oh and the rjays tank bag has been sold.
  9. i hope the horse is ok
  10. Your location states that you are in WA but the thread states that the gear is in VIC. Where is the gear located as I am in Melbourne, however I have family in Perth.
  11. It is actually in Perth hills now. I'm taking photos of the helmets today I promise!
    Phil01 you've spun me out a bit?! How do you know about the horse?
  12. Cute doggies too.. :D
  13. Oh no, have I made a simple yet vastly revealing mistake somewhere in cyberspace where by the wrong click of a key my whole life is on display?? Stop it people, you're freaking me out!
    But yes, thankyou they are cute doggies, and unfortunately no, the horse is not OK :(
  14. Ah, just figured it out! Photobucket, der.....
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  15. Sorry about the horse. :'(
  16. [​IMG]
    Here are pics of the RXT. There are some surface scratches, but it is structurally sound, never dropped or fallen on.
  17. And here is the Shoei
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