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Lots of heat through my seat...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Bigchief, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. VTR250...

    I've lately started noticing my seat getting quite hot during my daily commutes - something I've not noticed before.

    Last week I noticed my heat gauge was not moving at all and the fan was also not coming on. On inspection the bike needed about 300ml of coolant (yes, I have not been checking it regularly).

    I also took the bike to SCM, Lane Cove and they apparently found the bolt that earths the fan and thermostat was loose. This was tighted up and now the heat gauge and fan works.

    However I can still feel lots of heat coming through my seat...

    Any ideas as to why this could be? Should I have the cooling system checked out?

  2. The weather is getting warmer too :wink:.
  3. Been riding long?
    Wait till the summer and you'll really feel the heat when going slowly.
  4. I also notice a scorching seat sometimes, especially in traffic.
    NFI why its the seat.
  5. Buy an MV Agusta, and get used to it.
  6. No WAY! Are you serious??

    Long enough to know my bike has not done that before (in the summer)

    Having it checked out tomorrow...even just to safeguard my balls... :LOL:
  7. summer..
    you should check your cooling system now anyway..
  8. Thanks Guys

    Had it checked out and cooling system is working fine.


    I need new tyres front and back...and my steering bearing were too tight...and my chain was too tight....bit worrying since the bike had it's 12,000km service at SCM Lane Cove at the end of Sept.! :shock:
  9. if they say they are tight why did they not adjust them ?. if you are saying they are now tight they may have done a 'just tighten everything a little' tune up.
    dealers usually take you for a ride when it comes to tyres so have a look around.
  10. How often should it take for a bike to "consume" a full load of coolant?
  11. Sorry, I should have explained - Action did adjust the steering bearings and the chain.

    About the tyres - I have looked at it, and I do agree they need replacing. But I will definitely be phoning around for some prices.
  12. i see.. come to think of it my car needs four of the things..when i sell the GPX it will pay for some.
    the coolant question.. i have never had any form or bike / car that used all its coolant.. my car uses none but the bike has lost the smallest amount. is there a coolant thing with bikes i ask.. replaced every 12 months i cant see an issue.
  13. +1 with the MV

    you can buy some heatshielding installed if its cooking ya A. off.
    DIY you can grap some of the heatshield material used inside car bonnets, cut it to sive and line the underside of the seat.
  14. Get an older K series BMW and you'll be warm all over. Seat, legs and all... :p
  15. Try my bike. Nice cool seat but your little tootsies get to live in an oven.

    Maybe I need to get some of that heat shield stuff to wrap around my boots.