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Lots of exotics getting around lately?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr_Ignorant, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. A bit O/T but the past few weekends i've seen a lot of Ferrari's and exotic cars getting around on the weekends.

    Anyone know if there have been cars shows on the past few weekends?

  2. THIS
  3. THIS
  4. Living/working around Chapel St I've actually noticed a decline in the exotics going around atm.

    .... and you are in Sydney so ignore my ramblings
  5. They're being driven from the estates of all the bankrupt investment bankers, property developers and CEOs to the auctioneers. Seriously, best time to buy a Porsche Carrera ($220k) or something more expensive is just when a recession starts to dig its teeth in.

    Happy motoring. :cool:
  6. Buried for no dancers...

    Oh wait, this isnt digg??
  7. I too have heard that the exotics are going dirt cheap at auctions as heaps of people are defaulting on their loan repayments.

    dirt cheap being still over $200k+ but when it would be a good $100k more you can't complain

    People who actually have money are doing well in these times.
  8. :shock:

    this thread is confusing!!!!

    Or im dumb .............. :oops:
  9. I was thinking the wrong kind of exotic
  10. Very true, some of the prices the top end cars are getting are dirt cheap.

    I love the Audi S5, kicked myself in the pants that we just bought the wife a new car and yesterday i see S5's going for under $100k with low kms.

    The >$100k stuff is dropping value unbelievably quick.
  11. o.p. ive seen a ferrari club doing the coats road south of sydney a few times lately

    There was an article in the paper a few weeks ago about exotics and auction houses, the auctioneers are all over it with an increase at the moment.

    There was a golf r32 on one site i saw, with low mileage starting at 34k! The reaosn being vw finance took it off the owner!
  12. I made soup today.
  13. Where I spend a lot of my time, 'exotics' are EVERYWHERE !
    Now....about cars.... :wink:
  14. same deal with all the cruiser boats. Half price :p
  15. really?? pumpkin? pumpkin is my favourite.
  16. Yup heaps of cheap cars around at the moment. 2nd hand car market has gone to sh!t. People are having to ridicilously low prices for cars and then there is all the defaults that are being sold at aution so cheap.

    Now is not the time to lease a new european car and in 3 years have a ballon that is now 20% more then what it will sell for.
  17. If you want to see a whole lot of 'exotic' cars getting around, come for a gander around Goulburn this Saturday. We've got a hotrod gathering/festival with some really nice rides, I'm not in it and don't really know anyone who is (cousin tried entering but tranny started leaking) but the rides getting around town are very schmick.

    Seriously, come check it out if you can. The roads around here are fairly condusive to riding (guessing most already know that), especially if you take a bearing out towards Crookwell or Taralga. :grin:

    Cheers - boingk
  18. whats this got to do with bikes? belongs in off topic