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Lots more scoots on the road lately..

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by mipearson, May 26, 2006.

  1. True or false?

    I blame rising fuel prices.

    Riding to and from work the last couple of days I could swear there's about twice the number of scooters on the commute than there were a year or two years ago. This being in and near the Melbourne CBD.

  2. From speaking to a few bike shops, they are reporing scooter sales are up by over 200% compared to previous years.

  3. Well the sales stats posted recently would confirm this.

    I park in the CBD and even in the last 5 months I have seen the number of bikes parked where I am rise dramatically, probaly double?

    A lot of people at work are either getting scoots or seriuosly thinking about it.

    bring it on, reduce greenhouse emissions, free up congestion and girls look really cute on a Vespa!
  4. Yep. You can go on all day about squids but nothing beats a cute office worker in a short skirt on a scoot :)
  5. From AMCN

    Scooter sales have jumped by 47.3 percent during the first three months of 2006, according to figures released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI)

    The first quarter figures indicate sales of 1097 scooters for the 1 January to 31 March period, building on the 30 percent growth the scooter sector experienced during 2005.
  6. There are shit loads in the Sydney CBD !

    I'm on the north side of the harbour, but yesterday I was in the CBD early morning and I was surprised at the number of scooters and bikes taking advantage of the free parking at marked areas.

    Even around the mono-rail pylons, 5 to 6 bikes clump around the base - and its not a designated spot. I parked mine there on Pitt St, there was a traffic officer who just walked pass - so i guess its okay.
  7. Yeah around here everytime Iv'e been out in the last few weeks Iv'e seen at least 1 scooter on the road .

    It's almost like their breeding like rabbits .Could be good news too I don't want to be morbid but if someone high and mighty decided to ride a scoot and got cleaned up by a car it might get everyone thinking .
  8. Even better when they are female hey? :p
  9. probably because of fuel prices.
  10. Reckon this could be a reason for justification after you have made the decision.

    Someone once did a study on motorcyclists and confirmed what we all know and that is we have as a group more "risk taker" personalities than the general population. Now based on anecdotal evidnce only I think that younger people today are bigger risk takers than my generation. This could count for it.

    Another argument to put forward is the very large increase in inner city living, it costs a lot of money to own a car to only leave it sitting on the street. Inner city living and mopeds are made for each other.

    Now a cool car will cost you $30-40,000 but a cool Vespa less than $10k. And we all want to look cool don't we? :cool:
  11. The more scooters on the road, the better for us motorcyclists.

    Scooters have most of the same needs as bikes in city traffic, but without the negative public image. Soccer mums might hate bikes but they love scooters.

    This is gonna help us get what we want from pollies and lawmakers. Lane splitting and advanced stop lines for bikers might be tough to push through. Filtering by wee cute widdoo scooter widers is gonna be a lot easier to sell.

    Plus, scooter riders are significantly underrepresented in crash and fatality statistics, which skews the total back the other way for the total motorcycle figures.

    Politically, scooters can do a lot of good for the bike lobby.
  12. Abba-solutely. and I'm doing my part in about 6 weeks when my MadAss 125 arrives. How will I cope with all the admiring stares, the Nun's smiling sweetly at me from sidewalk, the hippie's cheering me in streets, the request's to run as a Greens candidate at the next election, and deciding should I spend my last $3.20 on another midi or a months petrol?.......
  13. So what did the 125 cost you Inci?
  14. Shit, I've been recognised! Better get that skirt back in the wife's wardrobe before she notices....
  15. Not absolutely sure at this stage as the price is not fixed yet. But I have been assured it will not exceed $3500 ride away. The 50cc including the 80cc 'big bore' :grin: kit can be got for $2500 all up, which makes it a pretty good deal as well.
  16. Apart from your self respect? :LOL: :LOL:

    Jealous,? me?
  17. And what's wrong with a girl on a bike??? :( :( :p
  18. Vespas are not screaming in "masculinity"
  19. True, but most of the sports cars are screaming "I am compensating for my small penis". I think I'll stick with the Vespa.
  20. My partner and i were discussing the scooter topic recently, as we have noticed more and more on the the road.
    I like what you have pointed out here Loz, as I hadn't thought of it from this perspective. Out of curiosity, what are the rough crash stats for scooters? Id be interested to know, as alot of the scooter riders i see arent wearing any gear, except a helmet (which probably opens up another can of worms i suppose) and "seem" to ride a little more recklessly (i use the word seems loosly, as all i have to go off is what i see on the roads) not to bag out scooter riders at all, i'm just curious...