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Lost your red key? Electronic dash issues? I found a solution!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by backmarker, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. I have found a guy in Melbourne who is able to do stuff who no-one else has been able to.

    A bit of background. My Suzuki gsx750f hit 99,999km on the electronic odometer, and the odo and tripmeters froze. Suzuki intended it to go no further. Suzuki's only solution was to buy a new dash (no joke!). That would cost well over $1000. I could get a second-hand dash, except I couldn't find any in the country, and when I found one for a previous model (so it didn't suit) that had over 80,000km on it (so would only last another 20,000km) they wanted $750 for it anyway!

    No company in Australia could re-set my odometer. I tried all of the normal companies for that sort of work, and there are quite a few. A couple even said they could, then looked at it and said - oh, no, we can't get into that type.

    I searched the forums internationally. The forum for this bike is based in the US - katriders.com . This is a well-known issue, and no-one over there has found a solution.

    Does this sound impossible? Yep!

    So I was a tad surprised and a little sceptical when I found a website ecumeistro.com who suggested they could do it. They said they could get into the dash, play with the electronics, and re-set the odometer. I figured I didn't have anything to lose, so I sent my dash across to Melbourne.

    The guy I dealt with is Dietmar, or Deet. He was really good to deal with on the phone or email. He knew I had a certain amount of time that I needed the dash back so that I could do an important ride, and agreed that he could get the job done in that time. He made sure that the job was done in that time, and sent the dash back well packed (better than I had packed it on the way over) and registered post. The cost for the job was very reasonable.

    The dash works perfectly, the odometer was reset to 6km, the trip meters work fine. I now have what I should have had if Suzuki had designed the dash properly in the first place!

    All in all I am very impressed with Deet and ECU Meistro and am very happy to recommend them, especially as I could not find anyone else in Australia or the US who could fix this problem!

    Also, if you ever lose the red key for your bike and get told by the manufacturer that you need to buy a new ecu or whatever at horrendous cost, talk to these guys first. One of their specialties is taking your ecu and programming a new red key. It can save you a huge amount of money.

    Hope this helps! I have no association whatsoever with Deet or ecu meistro.

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  2. Great news for dodgy resales everywhere.

    WTF's a red key?
  3. Yes, like lots of things there is the potential for abuse. Mind you, there are lots of odometers that can be reset a lot more easily than these. However, when you are stuck with an odometer that is designed by the manufacturer to freeze at 99,999, finding someone who can reset it is good news, not a reason to see the cup half empty.

    A red key is the primary key for modern bikes with anti-theft systems. It is usually coloured red, and if you lose it you can't get any more keys cut, as you have lost the coding that links in with the ecu, according to my very limited understanding of the subject. So you're screwed. And to fix the situation, you're going to have to pay the bike dealer a very, very large amount of money indeed, so you're doubly screwed. It has happened to lots of people. Yes, it's great for theoretically stopping theft, maybe. But it also causes legitimate owners a great deal of grief. So if it ever happens to you, here is a cheaper way of getting yourself out of the situation.
  4. To get a new key cut is only half the battle with keys that have RFID's in them (most bikes with immobilisers), you need to set the ECU to recognize it. To do this you need the "red key".
  5. That's why this guy get's you to send your ecu in, in order to program a new red key to your ecu.
  6. So how come my new gixxer, and new cbrRR dont have "RED KEYS?"

    Or are the RED keys actually black, i.e. the spare key??
  7. Nah the red key is totally different, it resets the immobiliser system and allows other keys to be added to the registry. The ECU will store two keys at a time.

    I think only certain brands use them.
  8. The primary key is not always red.
    You have a little tag on the primary. Like a mini dog tag. That has your ecu code on it. Should write it down.
    Motomatrix has been rewriting ecu's for a long time for people like me who lose keys.
    And I bewieve a few local locksmiths are reading ecu's to get the code and programing blank keys. It is the same as you can do in a car. Just no one doing it. Well till now.
    Otherwise say for a 08 viffer from Honda. $2,800 foe a new ecu and lock set fitted
  9. @ OP - very interesting post.........cheers (y)
  10. Thanks for the info, I've been a little paranoid about losing my keys. Hopefully these guys cover HISS key setup on CB400s.
  11. If there's someone out there who is smart enough to build it, there's someone out there smart enough to pull it apart again.
  12. lol very true.
  13. They make things hard these days, don't they. This is what I'm up for if I lose my Bullet's ignition keys.

    Anyway good find, backmarker.