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Lost your bike keys??...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Tweetster, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. I may be able to help!

    ... Chores done, so reward = ride!!.... Wooohooooooooo:woot:

    All gear on, Iphone charged and vibrating to Heavy Metal (mini bop session) helmet on, ready to go....

    Bugger, the car is in the driveway. Get into car (feeling vaguely like "The Stig" in full riding gear!) and move it. Grab tank bag and gloves and....and....WHERE ARE MY BIKE KEYS?? :-s

    Look everywhere I remember being prior to now....scan all rooms, look on the floors, look on tables and bench tops... argh!!...check all pockets.

    Go back to car.. nope.. scan the gardens and driveway...nuffin!!... :-k

    Keep calm... go check everywhere again.... even pick up the dog (nope!) and look under cushions.... argh!! ](*,)

    Time is now ticking away.. and I am stomping around the garden, the house, the driveway (for the umpteenth time!!)....

    FFS what did I do with them!!...:furious:

    I picked up the tank bag and looked inside... just in case I threw the keys in there by mistake... nope!!...Just then, there was a pause in the music as it changed tracks... and as I put the tank bag down, I heard a faint jangle!!... WTF??

    The keys were stuck to the bottom of the tank bag.... by the magnets!! OMFG!!.. it's taken me nearly half an hour to find them...I am frazzled.. but ecstatic...(and if the tracks hadn't changed at that exact moment I would probably still be looking!!.....)

    So people, if you can't find your bike keys and you have a tank bag... :LOL:
  2. Hehehehehe, that has happened to me TWICE!!! second time I had to
    repaint the tank.....D'oh
  3. LOL has happened to me once :p

    I bloody hope it doesn't again HAHAHAHA
  4. ..lesson learned!!...it's gonna be the 1st place I look next fricking time!!.... I wasted good riding time!!

  5. The price you pay for that magnetism Tweets :LOL:

    I got straps!

  6. ..why thank you Chris!!.... [​IMG] ...oh!!... you mean the tank bag!!.... [​IMG]
  7. Pen behind the ear is my usual one
  8. Ok????????
    Now how do I remember this thread next time I misplace the blasted keys!
  9. Haha...I can just imagine the dog... 'a-rooo?'
  10. sunglasses on my head is my one!
  11. ....I actually picked her up twice.... The third time I looked at her she gave me the "do not do that again look" and she promptly hopped off the chair and took herself down the hallway... With a F U look back at me!!8-[
  12. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  13. My mum once spent half an hour looking for her runners only to realise they were on her feet the whole time...