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VIC Lost wallet...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by foxtwo, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I lost my wallet today (luckily I had no money in there). In it were my two licenses (probationary car and learner motorcycle) along with various other cards (already called the bank, just FYI :)).

    My question is whether or not I can ride/drive without having a license on me if it was lost. Mum has called the local police and they said that nothing has been found. Will I need to get a police report?

    I'm overseas at the moment, so not in Australia to get everything sorted there, but I just wanted to prepare myself for eventual problems and so I know what I can/can't do.


  2. do you know your license number? That will go a long way to help you if you pull over.

    At the end of the day, cops know if you're lying. They always have they always will. You tell the truth, it will be obvious, and will go a long way to help you.

    Get to whoever issues the licenses (im guessing vicroads) asap, and they should be able to print you a new one on the spot, for a nominal fee of course.
  3. I still have the learner permit slip somewhere with my license number on there so I will take that of course (but I think it may have expired already - was only valid for 50 days). I ended up going to the police here and have a police report with a list of everything (important) which was in my wallet (credit cards, license, student ID, etc..).

    They say there is a chance that my wallet will turn up, but probably in a week or two (and I'm leaving tomorrow!).

    Anyway... just saw that I can replace my license online via Vicroads. The only problem is that you have to pay by credit card and that has been blocked - so I'll have to go to a local Vicroads office. Hopefully they won't charge me $19.90 twice because of the car and motorcycle license (knowing government agencies - they will).
  4. If it's all on one card I dont think so. They don't charge twice in NSW.
  5. To be sure, report your wallet and license as lost to the police - it means attending a station and filling out paper work. You'll get a report number.

    Get to Vicroads ASAP and fillout the paperwork for replacing a lost license - bring 100pts of ID and an official letter that has you and your address on it - e.g. gas bill. You'll either get a replacement right away, or get a slip of paper which you use in lieu while your license get's mailed to you.
  6. sorry will have to pay for both, 1 a licence, 1 a l/permit :cry:
  7. I would make a police report and take immediate action to get replacements. In the meantime I would keep riding/driving and explain the situation honestly to the cops if they pulled me over.

    If you got booked you can always contest it. I reckon you'be very unlucky to lose in court if it came to that. The law says you have to have it, but it serves no safety purpose (just gets P platers into the habit of remembering it) and you've done all you can to drive as legally as possible in an exceptional circumstance.

    I'm no legal expert though.
  8. I got a police report. Just FYI, I'm overseas so I won't be able to let you know the verdict until I get back.

    Not sure if I have 100 pts of ID. All I have is my passport with my PR Visa in there... everything else was lost (driver license, bank card, medicare, health insurance, etc...). Maybe when I get back my bank would have sent me a new ATM card so that should make 100 pts of ID. Maybe the expired learner slip will help (at least that has my license number on it).

    Anyway, thanks for the info. I'll let you guys know what happens. See you on the roads in about a week if you're in VIC ;)

    EDIT: Also have old passports at home still, but I'll just wing it because vicroads should have a picture of me in their system anyway :p
  9. just an fyi, medicare is easy to get a new card :) just show them two or three different forms of ID, if that, and they replace it within two weeks.

    health insurance is easier - just call them up, let them know card was lost/stolen, and they send one out :)
  10. I know they're easy to replace, but it's still a hassle regardless :(

    Anyway... can't complain now since I went to Berlin today. Just blogging/writing my journal now.

    Before this gets too off-topic, I don't think my question has been answered about whether or not I can ride/drive. Justus mentioned something about the law contradicting itself? :S
  11. In Vic you need to be able to present a licence if stopped and asked. If you have a police report and/or Vicroads slip, that will go along way to allaying any concerns.

    All this will be a little hard to do from overseas though.
  12. Yeah... like I said you can apply for another license online if your picture is in their system, but you need a credit card to pay. Most people I know keep their license with their credit card... haha.

    Anyway, apparently my wallet has been found. I got a message about it on FACEBOOK! This proves facebook is not a waste of time ;)

    I'm letting my mum handle it all because she's still in the country where I lost it, hopefully she can mail/courier it and I'll have it when I get back.

    Thanks for the help everyone - looks like I won't have to drive/ride without a license on me.

    (topic can be closed I think)
  13. If the computer shows you have a valid drivers license, then you have 7 days to produce it to a police station. If you do not produce it within that 7 day time period, then an infringement notice is automatically generated and sent to you.
  14. I absolutely love that Justus. Maybe you should point out to the Victorian government that their laws contradict themselves?

    Mouth, I guess that only applies to those who hold a full license ;)