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Lost Ventura luggage rack locknut

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by WantFreedom, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have a Ventura rack on my CB250 and lost one of the lock nuts so now I only have one which I have tightened would it still be ok to ride? it feels pretty sturdy but obviously don't want to create any dangerous situations. I am order one of these to replace the one thats missing - Ventura spare parts

  2. for the most part, gravity will be enough.
    you could use any bolt and nut with the same thread, doesn7t need to be Ventura specific (as long as the thread is the same)
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  3. Well its only $8 so no big deal just buy the real deal, my main concern is that it will be ok while riding for the interim I imagine if i check it every hour make sure its still tight then it should be allright.
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  4. Hey mate,

    I've found a temporary bolt that will fit, until you get a proper replacement.

    I'll bring it tomorrow. C u in the morning.
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  5. Ran my Ventura rack with small allen head bolts for a couple of years until I finally changed to Givi packs, never came loose.
  6. I have lost them and have had the rack come out and damage the tailpiece, get a replacement or some electrical tape on it.
  7. MCAS sell genuine replacements......
  8. yeah, i lost the rack off the back when it was only held in with one bolt. expensive mistake
  9. Did the same thing today. As luck would have it, it looks like the allen bolts that come in the top box kit are the same thread.