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Lost the rear brakes... WTF?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rid3r, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Was practicing my slow speed riding today (mostly figure 8's) to practice for my P's test, using throttle and rear brake to control the speed.

    After around 10-15 mins of constant figure 8's, the rear brakes became spongy then I had no rear brakes anymore. So then I rode home (with no rear brakes). Took me 5 mins to get home, parked the bike in the garage, turned off the engine and now my rear brakes work again?? WTF?

    Did I momentarily lose the rear brakes due to excessive use and it overheating? If so, then how can I practice my slow speed maneuvering if I can't use my rear brakes constantly? Am I doing something wrong?

    I'm confused.
  2. Firstly, you joined in Aug 08 and this is your first post = wow.

    Yes I reckon you may have boiled the rear fluid.

    How to Avoid. 1. Learn to use more throttle control rather than standing on the brakes.

    2. Only do 5 mins at a time with 5-10 break.

    3. Replace brake fluid in (the stuff reccomended for ya bike). If you don't know how to do it ask here, or if you are no good with a spanner take it to a workshop.

  3. Yes I would suggest you cooked your brakes. When they cooled down they became effective again. Riding the brakes constantly for 10-15 mins will do that, so I'd suggest you simply don't do it that long continuously. Try some other drills in between :)
  4. Yep Boiled em.
    happens a lot doing Qride. You should have just waited about 5 min and pumped the pedal and they would have come back. Then ridden home. You will need to change the fluid now tho. They will go in four min next time. Boiling breaks down the properties of the fluid and it does not work as well. I have to do a lot of demo's doing 8's. I use Penrite Sin brake fluid. Very dear but it had a 600c+ boiling point.
    Good on ya for practicing tho mate. Well done. Don't forget to do your emergency stops every day till it's just a natural thing. Then it will be there when you really need it.
  5. Yes, I have joined for a little while but have only been reading (so much useful info on here).

    WIth good throttle control at low speed, would you recommend using clutch at friction point or throttle only? If clutch at friction point constantly, wouldn't this cause other issues to the clutch? If throttle only, would this be slow enough to perform all drills like tight u-turns and cone weaves?

    Sounds good to me.

    I've bought this bike not long ago and don't know how old the fluid is or whether its a crappy quality one. Might look into getting the better stuff.

    I've got a GPX250 '07 model. Recommend using the good stuff like DOT5? Or the DOT3 normal stuff good enough?

  6. .

    Geez, if I knew that, I wouldn't have sh*t myself riding home with no rear brakes. Thanks for the info, I'll be ready next time.

    WIth the above fluid, have you had much issues with heating? Are you able to do constant 8's or you still take regular break in between?

    Thanks buddy, I never knew how fun it is as you get better with your slow maneuvers. Makes you feel more confident as well.
  7. Nah. Keep doing what your comfy with, but your op mentioned mainly figure 8's. So that is what I was referring to. When I did my P's test (did mine on my ZZR250) I could do it with clutch out, and just a tick over idle, had my foot resting on brake pedal just enough to bring on the brake light so the instructor could see it = cheating a bit. Some of the peeps doing the test had a lot of throttle on...And must have really been standing on the brake.

  8. Use what the manafucturer recommends.

    Do not assume that e.g. 5 is better than 4 therefore I'll use it. Some fluids are incompatible and with some systems and cannot be used. For example my bike uses dot 4 and using dot 5 is likely to destroy the seals in the master cylinder, leading to no brakes at all.
  9. Thanks V8, you're right, the more throttle you have the more brakes you would need to apply. I'll start trying less throttle which should ease off the back brakes abit, and see how I go. Cheers!
  10. Great, thanks for the tip GreyBM, I'll keep that in mind when I change the fluid. Cheers.
  11. happened to me once in the hills when the pillion peg and rear brake reservoir fell off.... you would probably notice if it was that though.
  12. You must be getting some wicked lean angles.
  13. You guys are bl00dy legends..

    Practiced again yesterday, took regular breaks (to give brakes time to cool down), eased off the back brakes and focused more on throttle control, and was able to practice for nearly 2 hours without a problem.

    Cheers guys, thanks for helping out a newbie! (y)