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Lost the pillion at 90km/h.....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Soarer, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. The seat, that is!

    New kids like me .... remember to check that the seat has properley cliped down before riding off okay?!? :roll: It will save you riding 15km's to find it, and however much it'll cost me to get it re-vinyled... only a few minor scuffs thankfully, but it was a bugger to find!!! :p

  2. Remind me to tell you one day about how I lost a wheel off my bike trailer in the middle of the night and drove 20k's before I realised it was gone then had to go back and find it in the dark.

    Well, I was tired. OK?
  3. friend lost his pilion seat off a DAY old ZX9... when he did find it a truck run over it...

  4. I'll do that, should you ever be this side of Sydney :)
  5. Mate it wasn't that far away from Sydney that it happened.

    Mmm, Newcastle, what a lovely place
    Spent the first 4 years of my high school at Lake Macquarie High, still have friends there.

    Will look you up next time I visit.
  6. Yeah, it's a great place .... looks like i'll be moving with work to Brissy however in December :(

    QLD drivers.... *shudders*.... TIC :wink:
  7. only places i've been too are SA for 4WDing and the ACT with my mums Rotary group (cringe) but once i get good at riding i think i'll head interstate to catch up with some of my old friends....sigh :( 2 month wait for my bike
  8. I've been pretty much everywhere, with the exception of Melbourne!!! Only visited the airport, and Avalon if that counts for the Air Show... hopefully be flying down that way for a look around in a month or so!
  9. well hopefully i'll have my bike by then so i could go for a ride with you and show you around a bit
  10. Thanks ... look out for a probably drunk Novacastrian (Newcastle person) wandering around the place ;) I have a lot of old friends to catch up with and I'm sure I won't be meeting them at the bowling alley knowing their usual trends!